Tuesday, July 28, 2009


One of the characteristics of today’s modern fascists is their propensity to project their own fascism onto those they regard as ‘our’ enemies.

Most fascists these days don’t actually like being called fascists so today’s modern Western fascists, like ‘The Australian’ newspaper columnist, Janet Albrechtsen, is more than happy to call Islamic radicals ‘Islamo-fascists’ in order to deflect her own fascism from being noticed. It serves two purposes; first, it demonises those she is calling fascists and, second, it gives the impression that, because she is calling someone else a fascist, that she can’t be one herself.

The hypocrisy and the irony, however, though Albrechtsen can’t see it because she only sees things from her point of view, are utterly transparent. While she thinks she is exposing some ideology she calls Islamo-fascism, what she is actually doing is showcasing to the world her own racist Islamaphobia and fascist inclinations. She’s so arrogant that she thinks people are generally too thick to see it.

It’s a classic Murdoch propagandist trait. They all suffer from it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Australian Murdoch propagandist and blogger Andrew Bolt of Melbourne’s ‘Herald-Sun’ newspaper has published a piece that links to the ‘read after death’ letter of 19-year-old British trooper Cyrus Thatcher who recently was killed in Afghanistan.

Bolt deliberately aims his piece at the right-wing bloggies that comment at his blog successfully stirring up pro-Western right-wing schmaltz to such an extent that it borders on vomitous to actually read. Any attempt at a dissenting view at his blog is immediately pounced on and, if it gets too close to the truth, Bolt simply refuses to publish it.

Read some of the comments. You have to wonder if these people are actually for real.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Many of Murdoch’s foremost so-called ‘journalist’ bloggers have adopted the ‘cut and paste’ method of propaganda whereby they simply copy and paste large lumps of cherry-picked text that suits their argument and then publish only comments that support that argument. Every now and then they throw in an occasional dissenting comment just to make it look as though the right-wing support is from your ‘average reader’ thus giving the impression that their line is middle of the road public opinion when in fact it is extreme right-wing.

This kind of ‘journalism’ allows the propagandist blogger to cite other peoples work without having to take on of the journalistic responsibility for it. If it turns out to be wrong or misinformed or plain dishonest the propagandist then needs only to blame the writer and replace it with a correction, though, of course, most stuff that’s wrong or misinformed or dishonest will usually get through without being noticed.

Several of Australia’s right-wing bloggers use this method of propagandising. Take the Islamophobe and racist Andrew Bolt who blogs for Murdoch at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper for example.

Let’s have a look at the first three stories that come up as I open Andrew Bolt’s blog today. First we get this which waffles on about one of Bolts other pet hates – climate change and other assorted anti-green stuff. Notice how some 91% of the text is not his.

The next story down is this. He’ doing a bit better here; he managed to write almost 22% of the piece.

Then the third one in which he hops onto his racism hobbyhorse. In this piece Bolt manages to write some 36% of the piece himself. The rest is cut and pasted.

It doesn’t matter really what any of these pieces are about – suffice to say they are all a reflection of his right-wing thinking and they are all pieces that he mostly hasn’t written himself.

Tim Blair at Sydney’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ does exactly the same – he cherry-picks a bit of text written by someone else and then surrounds it with a little of his own garbage. In this randomly selected piece Blair manages to personally scrawl a massive 43% of the words in the piece.

These pieces are usually designed to stir up their right-wing bloggies; those who share their extremist right-wing views and then some. Because they are mostly anonymous bloggies, they can get away with saying the most outrageous stuff; stuff that Bolt or Blair couldn’t get away with themselves but are quite happy to let others say it for them.

Place these people where they belong – they are propagandists; they are certainly not journalists nor do they belong in the blogosphere. They merely abuse the blogging world to peddle their sick racist and warmongering ideas.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


In the rush to protect Sarah Palin, the recently resigned governor of Alaska and 2012 presidential hopeful, a Murdoch propagandist has inadvertently made life even more difficult for her by trying to malign her detractors.

Australian Murdoch propagandist, Andrew Bolt, who runs a right-wing blog at Melbourne’s ‘Herald-Sun’, wrote: “When Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska, Leftist bloggers decided to slime her all over again, on the assumption that anything she did must be sinister.” Not content to simply say that ‘left-wing bloggers are trying to slime her’, Bolt is dim-witted enough to then actually quote those ‘left-wing bloggers’ repeating what he thinks is ‘slime’ and, not only that, links to the leftist bloggers sites. While all Bolt achieves on his blog is simply to whisk up anti-left sentiment and hatred among his die-hard regular core of right-wing bloggies that comment there, the left-wing bloggers that Bolt links to actually provide cold hard and very compelling comment and analysis as to why Palin really resigned – comment and analysis that is far more compelling than the argument that Bolt doesn’t even attempt to put up.

Palin, if she knew of Bolt’s blog, would be asking: “Who needs enemies when you have friends like Bolt?”

Well done, Bolt. Keep it up!