Thursday, October 29, 2009


which he took down after he realised how embarrassing it was to him, this is what I wrote:

You say your opinion is shared by many that watched the ABC QandA last night... Upon what evidence do you base that assertion, Bolt?

I suspect that the only people that would share your opinion are the usual tiny crew of anti-asylum seekers that gather here. I wonder how many viewers who don't normally bother coming to your site will leave a comment here to support your presumptuous delusions.

Reading the comments of Bolt’s Bloggies confirms exactly what I said.

Bolt's rhetoric about why he deletes my comments?


Like most supporters of expansionist Zionism, Bolt confuses anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. The reality of why Bolt deletes my comments?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Australian Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, an ex-immigration minister in John Howard’s government famed for his role in the notorious Dr. Haneef Affair in which Andrews insisted that Haneef, an Asian Muslim, be kicked out of Australia despite being found to have played no part whatsoever in any ‘terrorist plot’ that a relative was involved in, is now, again, demonising by inference Muslims that are in this country. Andrews is now calling for a debate on what he calls ‘Muslim enclaves’ in Australia.

Andrews call for the debate comes at a time when the debate about immigration and boatpeople is raging over the plight of a boatload of Sri Lankan refugees, all Tamil, who were recently rescued by an Australian ship when their own vessel was in imminent danger of sinking while on their way to seek asylum in Australia.

Andrews was speaking with Alan Jones, the ultra right-wing Sydney radio broadcaster and well known fellow Australian Islamophobe and racist agitator. Andrews told Jones that to “have a concentration of one ethnic or one particular group that remains in an enclave for a long period of time is not good”.

Andrews views are, of course, supported by other ‘journalists’ and ‘commentators’ in Murdoch’s Australian media stable. Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor for ‘The Australian’ newspaper, unashamedly demonises the current crop of asylum seekers as being ‘illegal immigrants’ ignoring altogether the fact that are not immigrants since they are not actually in Australia yet, and that there is absolutely nothing illegal about seeking asylum in Australia.

Naturally, Murdoch’s other propagandists working at some of Murdoch’s metro newspapers are also mounting a determined attack against these asylum seekers and Muslim immigration generally. Three of Murdoch’s most outrageous racist bloggers, Piers Akerman, Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt, have for days since the so-called ‘crisis’ began, all used their newspaper’s online hate sites to foment anti-Islam and anti-Asian racism.

Akerman in Sydney uses the propaganda of fear in his rhetoric endorsing the notion “that possible terrorists could slip into the nation among the asylum seekers the RAN is busily ferrying to our shores”. Akerman then leaves it the usual mob of bloggie followers that comment at all three blogs.

Tim Blair, also in Sydney, who’s not over-keen on actually writing too much himself preferring instead to cut and paste suitably cherry-picked quotes from other peoples work to make his point (that way, if it proves to be wrong, he can always blame someone else) works in a similar way to Akerman letting his coterie of predictable bloggies actually say what he might otherwise be sued for saying.

Andrew Bolt, Murdoch’s Melbourne propagandist, follows the predetermined demonising game plan but attacking Rudd from a slightly different angle saying: “Kevin Rudd’s dilemma is this: he must order the Sri Lankans to be forcibly evicted off the ship and into Indonesian jails, thereby looking the utter bastard and hypocrite. Or he must relent and bring the asylum seekers to Christmas Island, signally to people smugglers everywhere that all they need do now to get here is to do as these boat people did - send out a distress signal when near some Australian ship, after first disabling their own boat.” Bolt’s bloggies respond predictably.

For the sake of the those asylum seekers now in distress as a result of being used as the racists political football, and for the sake of others that wish to seek asylum in Australia, I hope that Rudd does the right thing for our fellow humans and gives them the refuge they seek here in Australia without any further delay and that we as Australians put an end once and for all this nonsense of abusing people who are different from us.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Murdoch propagandist with Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Piers Akerman, seems to think that the war in Afghanistan “is about the Taleban, terrorism and the Afghan people”.

He needed reminding what it was really all about so I wrote this in response:

Akerman, your inane rhetoric about the West, including Australia, being in Afghanistan to free the Afghan people from ‘medievalists’ is baseless propagandising nonsense.

The war in Afghanistan was never about the Taliban or the Afghan people; it was and has only ever been about gas pipelines and regional hegemony. Al Qaeda and their involvement in 9/11 were merely used as a casus belli to start a war against the Taliban and al Qaeda that had been planned long before 9/11.

To believe that Bush, Blair and Howard actually cared about the Afghan people is utterly delusional. The only ‘terrorists’ in Afghanistan as far as the Afghan people are concerned are the Western allies that have been attacking and killing Afghani and Pakistani civilians in their thousands.

It’s time for Australians to ignore your warmongering rhetoric and propaganda and wake up to the geo-political realities of what’s really going on in their name.

His reply was totally predictable:

“Reply: This post should have carried a Spooky Conspiracy Nutter Alert.”

My response to that went thus:

“There’s no conspiracy here Akerman; only geo-political realities. Check it for yourself.”

Needless to say, having been confronted with reality, Akerman has refused to publish my post.

Readers can check it out for themselves.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


A few weeks ago I told how the myriad of right-wing bloggers are inter-linked with each other and then all link back to the mainstream media right-wing blogs run by the Murdoch propaganda empire thus forming a seemingly large network of blogs which, while it might seem extensive and well read, is actually not so much read by a broad readership, but just by each other feeding off themselves.

I mentioned how many of them had aspirations of becoming part of the mainstream media as ‘journalists’ following in the footsteps of the likes of Tim Blair, a propagandist blogger with Murdoch’s Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Well, it seems one of those amateur bloggers I mentioned, J.F. Beck who runs, or ran, a blog called RWDB, which apparently stood for Right Wing Death Beast, (right-wing, death and beast all being words closely associated with each other when describing fascist and fascist-like people) has made it, well, not quite big-time, but is now writing for some online blog called ‘Asian Correspondent’; not quite mainstream media, but Beck has probably deluded himself into thinking that it is.

One of his first pieces at ‘Asian Correspondent’ is a parting shot at a left-wing blogger who Beck says is a ‘lame response’ to the likes of Islamophobes Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt and their mainstream blogs.

Beck is a pedantic-style propagandist which means he ignores the mains issues and points of any given argument by honing in on some tiny grammatical or factual error made by anyone on the left. He then, regardless of whether or not the error has actually anything to do with the pain point of the debate, attempts to blow the error out of proportion in an effort to demean or trivialise the debate and the person who is making the argument.

Beck seems to be obsessed with writer Antony Loewenstein. One mistake from Loewenstein, no matter how trivial, and Beck is on to it like a shot for some twisted reason. If Loewenstein says the Israelis killed ten Palestinian civilians when in fact they’d killed nine, Beck would be there to expend hundreds of words demonising Loewenstein to the hilt for making such a ‘massive’ error of fact, but, of course, Beck would ignore entirely the fact that Israelis killing even one Palestinian civilian would be a crime.

As Beck himself says, what he is best known for is “Accuracy – my ideological opponents (progressives) get all upset when the facts prove them wrong”. Most times accuracy of facts has little to do with the ideological aspect of debate; while facts should be corrected when needed, they often are totally irrelevant to the subject of the debate.
But that wouldn’t stop Beck – especially if the debate was one Beck was otherwise intellectually unable to take part in.


And, as if to prove the point, Beck launches straightaway into some pedantic criticism of Loewenstein over a simple mis-spelling. Why? Because he is utterly incapable of actually arguing any point with Loewenstein. The very best he is able to do is pick him up on a spelling mistake and hope that is enough to somehow stop Loewenstein doing what he does.

Well, at least Beck’s reading Loewenstein’s stuff and then linking to it – even if it is just over a spelling mistake.

Or maybe Loewenstein is deliberately inserting spelling mistakes knowing that Beck will link to him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tim Blair, Australia’s own ultra racist and hate blog host at Murdoch’s ‘Sydney Daily Telegraph’, has joined the clamour to defend his American opposite number, the ultra right-wing commentator and uber racist Rush Limbaugh.

After reading Blair’s post yesterday about boat people coming to Australia being illegal immigrants and the comments from his band of right-wing bloggie racists, one shouldn’t be surprised.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


After having spent the last few days exposing Tim Blair of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and his tiny but vocal coterie of bloggies as a deceitful and lying bunch of racists over a faked and demeaning video, Blair and the same bunch of right-wing goons that support him are now extracting as much mileage as possible out of Prime Minister Rudd’s remarks that refer to the latest boatload of asylum seekers that have been turned back to Indonesia as being ‘illegal immigrants’.

Blair has pounced on the remark claiming that, because the Prime Minister has said they are ‘illegal immigrants’ then they, indeed, must be. The racist comments that then follow are staggering in there blatancy. There’s this from one of Blair’s more lunatic fringe bloggies who calls himself “Habib of Wilston’ who writes:

BTW, I wonder if any of the vocal advocates are going to volunteer to house the new crop of potential pyros? I trust they’re not going to relocate them to around Kinglake.

This is a rather sick reference to another of Murdoch’s racists, Piers Akerman, also of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, who, during the Victorian bushfires earlier this year, outrageously accused Muslim ‘terrorists’ of deliberately lighting them.

Then there is this nauseating comment from one who calls himself ‘boy on a bike’:

Regarding the Refugee Action Collective, I have a simple suggestion that I am sure most Blairites will support.
It’s called “one-in, one-out”.
That is, for every refugee we let in, we kick out one member of this ratbag collection of soap-dodging dole bludgers.
Even if only one refugee per boatload ends up in a productive, private sector job, that will still be an improvement on allowing the mung bean eating crowd to remain. And I’m sure the refugees won’t smell as bad (even after being crammed into the hold of a fishing boat for a week in the middle of summer).

And Maggie of Childers comes out with this ignorant and blatantly racist nonsense:

It pings me off to know that our Defence Force Men and Women have been and are putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan while we are affording shelter to men who have abandoned their country and our ADF.
Send them back post haste. Do not allow them into Australia, if they are not willing to defend their own Country and have no respect for our borders or laws I doubt they will be willing to defend our Country.
What are you thinking Mr. Rudd or is that question too hard?
Do you think for one nano second they will be loyal citizens?

Perhaps if Australia respected Iraqi and Afghan borders and not invaded and killed their peoples, there wouldn’t be the problem in the first place.

Very sick people.


Blair, obviously fearing further embarrassment, has refused to publish the comment I left at his blog. for those intersted, this was it:

Hate to be pedantic, but first, one can't be an immigrant, legal or otherwise, unless one is actually here. Second, just because Rudd has been quoted as saying these people are 'illegal immigrants', doesn't make it so; Rudd might be the Prime Minister but he is not a judge and has no jurisdiction to make any decision about their legal status. These people are simply refugees who wish to come to Australia and they don't pretend to be anything else. They are not illegal immigrants’ because, apart from anything else, they’re not actually here.

People that arrive here by airline on tourist or business visas with the intention of staying here beyond their visa requirements are illegal immigrants. People that come here by rickety boat, or by whatever other means, but with no paperwork at all and seeking refuge are simply asylum seekers. If they then check out as genuine asylum seekers – which the vast majority do – then they get a protection visa and from there can apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

What’s the problem with that?

Friday, October 9, 2009


Tim Blair, Murdoch propagandist and blogger with Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, strutted his Islamophobic credentials yesterday by presenting at his blog a video made by MEMRI, the notorious neocon propaganda organisation that specialises in blatant lies and anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The video purports to show a Hamas-produced kidz show depicting how Palestinian kidz are taught to hate and offer themselves for martyrdom. The inference is that this video has been made by Hamas but had been subtitled by MEMRI. The propaganda, however, was so transparent that when I pointed out the transparency, (the storyboard that was part of the show was written in English) Blair and his coterie of bloggies quickly tried to cover Blair’s embarrassment by highlighting the now apparent stupidity of it and then claiming that it was all just ‘extremely smart satire’.

It most certainly was not ‘extremely smart satire’; it was extremely transparent propaganda and there was nothing at all smart about it or the comments from the racist Islamophobic followers of Blair’s blog that followed my comments there.


Methinks Blair protesteth far too much!

Now he’s dedicated a whole segment in his column in trying to wriggle out of his deceit and, at the same time, attempt to belittle me. Blair is now attempting to claim that the video is a work from 'creative types' designed for our entertainment. Blair and his followers have a very sad and sick sense of humour if they find this sort of stuff 'creative' entertainment.

The more you wriggle Blair, the more transparent is your deceit.

Blair, the most deceitful person on the internet and, to use his own words, it is a crowded field.


Blair seems to be getting really desperate to avoid embarrassment; he's added an update to his piece about the faked MEMRI tape and has succeeded in embarrassing himself even further.

It seems that everytime he puts finger to keyboard on this subject as he tries harder and harder to wriggle out of it, he ends up shoving more and more of his foot into his mouth.

Face it Blair; no matter what way you spin it, you've exposed yourself as the deceitful little Islamophobe that you are. The tape is a sick piece of entertainment - and you're just the sick little person to show it. Murdoch should be really proud of you.


One always knows when one has hit a raw right-wing nerve; the degree of rawness is directly proportional to the amount of words they expend in trying to cover up the raw nerve and wriggle out of their predicament.

In Tim Blair’s case, he’s found it necessary to issue ‘three’ updates to his original piece that tried to cover up his faux pas of presenting a sick but fake MEMRI tape as a Hamas kidz program. (Actually, it’s only two updates, but Blair, so absorbed in trying to prevent his foot from going deeper into his mouth, has lost count.)

Perhaps I’ll expend a few words just to demonstrate how Blair and the other bloggers on the extreme right work in these sorts of cases.

A few right-wing bloggies that flit between the myriad of right-wing blogs have assembled at Blair’s blog to provide him with much needed support. Most have made multiple posts there already, as can be seen, in some sort of effort to make it look as though there are more of them than there actually are. Many are well known throughout the rightwing blogosphere and tend to pop up everywhere as part of the Israel Lobby propaganda machine supporting platoon of bloggies.

One particularly nasty extreme right-wing Zionist thug in their ranks, who calls himself ‘geoff’ on Blair’s blog, is Geoff Pahoff. Pahoff was responsible for this exceptionally disgusting piece of hate speech about the old, blind and wheel-chair bound Palestinian Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who was murdered in the Gaza Strip by the Israelis:

I celebrated wildly when that filthy bag of puss [sic], ‘the old blind wheel-chair bound spiritual leader’ finally kissed what was left of his miserable fanny and did the world the enormous favour, albeit somewhat forced, of departing from it for all eternity. Thereby correcting a major anomaly in the order of things by being born in the first place. Or not drowned slowly at the first opportunity. The slimy ignorant lying slice of toxic shit.

Obsessive hatred like this is not confined to Pahoff. A fellow traveller of his, Noelene Konstandinitis, another equally obnoxious extreme right-wing Zionist that used to do the rounds of the right-wing blogs, including Blair’s, once came out with this gem of super hatred:

Of course it is EXCELLENT news that Israel is FINALLY sticking up for itself! What neither the Pals, nor the western bourgeois left, seems [sic] to be able to get their think [sic] heads around is that Israel could have destroyed Egypt, Syria, AND Jordan AND kicked the Pals out in 1948, 56, 67, 73, etc. The only thing stopping them every single time was the US! All this would have been over DECADES over [sic], if the U.S. had just let nature take its course.The wretched camel-jockeys have NO right to be in the Holy Land and the sooner they catch the next magic carpet or camel sleigh to Jordan, Syria, or Egypt the better! The Israelis MUST seize this opportunity to totally turn around the whole tedious farce of the middle east. It is time to bitchslap the fetid Mohammedans into next week. Vaporize the pigs! A world without Muslims would be a lovely world indeed!

These are the sort of sick people that Blair needs around him to support his efforts of creating the illusion that they are many – they are not many at all. There are only a very few them but all, as can be seen when one visits Blair’s hate site, are very vocal. But hey; Blair needs all the support he can get - even from the deranged and delusional (David Elder wants to get Zeeva David from NCIS to 'put me out of my misery!!??) that gather like vultures at his blog.


It seems Blair has seen the need to resort to sarcasm in order to wriggle out of his predicament. His dedicated followers have succeeded only in highlighting Blair’s Islamophobic obsessions by virtue of being even more Islamophobic than he is.

In typical right-wing propaganda style, Blair and his band of predictable attack dogs have attempted to distract from the original argument by making ridiculously pedantic observations, ad hominen attacks and insults but the fact remains that Blair used the video to deceive readers and ridicule Palestinians. It was a blatant piece of anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The situation between Palestinians and Israel are bad enough as it is and, indeed, propaganda is used by both sides to indoctrinate kidz and to teach them about violence and death, but the use of this particular video, a video produced specifically to demean, ridicule and inflame already heightened tensions by instilling even more hatreds, is simply a disgusting act of racism.

Blair's racism should not go unchallenged.