Monday, April 12, 2010


One would have thought that, after the exposure of the lies told to get a war going against the people of Iraq, that the neocons would have pulled their head in and at least be a little more subtle about how they try to con the world into a war against Iran. But, no; the ‘Iraq has a nuclear weapons program’ meme that we were so familiar with as Zionist Israel and their neocon supporters got the US and its allies to invade and destroy Iraq has for some time now morphed into ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’.

Yes, the same shameless neocons are using exactly the same rhetoric and propaganda to get the US to bomb and destroy Iran as they did with Iraq.

In his latest piece of warmongering nonsense, William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard:

…the finger-wagging of the international community won’t stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. The non-chest-thumping Obama administration, it is increasingly clear, is not going to stop Iran either. The only country that may not be resigned to a nuclear Iran is Israel. Its government, at least, disdains resignation to the fact that nefarious regimes sometimes choose to change behaviour, but, gee, sometimes they don’t.

And then, just to reinforce the notion of ‘existential threat’ to Israel – and the rest of ‘us’, whoever ‘us’ are – he adds:

After all, this worldly attitude didn’t work out too well for the Jewish people—or the rest of us—in the last century.

Kristol also demonstrates the extent to which the neocons have been able to successfully con the State Department into believing Iran has a nuclear weapons program. He quotes State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley who, referring to Iran’s recent statements about its new-found ability to speed up enrichment, said that there was no need for faster centrifuges and that:

We have to conclude that Iran has nefarious intentions with its nuclear program.

Just how Iran’s wish to speed up its nuclear power generation and medical isotopes program demonstrates a ‘nefarious intention’ is conveniently not explained. However, by making such a statement, the inference that Crowley and Kristol are trying to con us into believing is quite clear. Crowley and Kristol are hoping that ‘speeding up enrichment’ will be interpreted as ‘enriching uranium to weapons grade’ rather than simply producing enough low grade material for electrical power generation and medical purposes much quicker.

With regard to Kristol’s assertion that ‘Israel may be the only country not resigned to a nuclear Iran’, this is pure nonsense. Israel cannot act militarily against Iran without US connivance. If Israel were to strike Iran and then Obama claimed that the US were ignorant of Israel’s plans, then one would know that the biggest lie of all had been told.

Israel needs Iran out of their equation for a Greater Israel. With Iran unable to support Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Syria, Israel knows it will be able to deal the blow it has always dreamed of against the Palestinians and their Arab neighbours in order to realise their dream of a Greater Israel that includes the Gaza Strip, south Lebanon up to the Litani River, and the West Bank.

The lie that Iran has a ‘nuclear weapons program’ is central to Israel’s expansionist hopes and dreams.

The Zionists of Israel and their neocon supporters, led by the likes of William Kristol in the US, together with other neocons around the world will keep pushing the lie until eventually the administration will cave in to their demands and attack Iran.

And the rest of the world will not be heard despite the noise we will create.


The chances are that that is exactly what Blair has likely been doing – and I know from whom he probably learnt the lesson from.

Back in early 2007 I had differences of opinion with an extreme right-wing racist and Zionist by the name of Dylan Kissane. I managed, by pure chance of timing, to catch Kissane red-handed sock-puppeting at my blog and then making comments at his own blog about the fact that I deleted his sock-puppet comment.

The problem for Kissane was that I did indeed delete the comment that he refered to and which he reproduced on his own blog. However, the only way that Kissane would have known that I deleted his comment and also have known what the comment was word for word, was if he had written and posted it himself because I deleted it AS SOON AS IT ARRIVED AT MY DESK. No more than a few minutes would have passed between the comment being posted and me deleting it. There is absolutely no way that Kissane could have known that I deleted a comment and known what it said verbatim unless he had posted it himself – which, of course, the lying little loon denied.

After confronting him about it, he conceded that he had been responsible for the fraud. As a consequence of his fraud being discovered Kissane withdrew from serious blogging.

Kissane is a wannabe academic doing a PhD at the University of South Australia though he is based in France. He has no credibility as an academic and is a proven manipulator of the facts and downright liar. He is also a friend of Tim Blair to whom he occasionally feeds stories that Blair uses at his blog.

Did Blair sock-puppet his own blog? More than likely knowing his association with the likes of others who also practice this deceit.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday, Wikileaks, a website dedicated to publishing classified documents and films, released a video showing the murder and wounding of Iraqis including two Reuters news workers who were murdered and two children who were wounded. Altogether, some twelve people died in the incident.

The film clearly shows Iraqis being blasted by machine-canon fire from a helicopter gunship. While arms are mentioned there is little indication that they were armed. Certainly after the initial attack, when a van appeared to take away the wounded, there was no sign of any arms yet the gung-ho American murderers decided to open fire on them anyway and then laughed after. Later, an American tank arrives on the scene and blithely drives over one of the dead Iraqis.

Despite the clearly murderous intent of the Americans operating the guns who can be heard almost pleading for permission to open fire on a clearly badly wounded Iraqi and the van that had arrived to evacuate him, Weekly Standard propagandist, Bill Roggio, attempts to spin the murders as being a legitimate action claiming that everything that happened was within the military’s Rules of Engagement and that the attack on the van that arrived to rescue the injured Iraqi was legitimate on account of it not being marked as an ambulance. But what is really disgusting about Roggio’s attempt to spin the incident is the way he accuses Wikileaks of merely sensationalising the event in order to attract media attention and internet traffic to their website.

Watch the video, read Roggio’s pathetic propaganda piece and weep.

And these people want the world to be like them??


New York Times writers Noam Cohen and Brian Stelter must have read the Weekly Standard piece by Roggio as well. Cohen and Stelter have authored an article in today’s NYT entitled ‘Iraq Video Brings Notice to a Web Site’.

Their article is both a classic piece of distractive propaganda with a dash of sour grapes thrown in. Rather than talk about the horrendous crime that has been committed, the writers attempt to shoot the messenger - in this case Wikileaks - by suggesting that Wikileaks is merely attempting to big-note itself by releasing the film.

I say; 'Good on 'em!' If the mainstream media won't report important stuff like this, then let Wikileaks do it for them.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This blog, set up to expose Murdoch’s lies and propaganda empire, has lately been concentrating on just one of Murdoch’s propagandists; Andrew Bolt. Because it is now intended to document Bolt’s racism to the point where racial and religious vilification can be proved, a new blogspot has been set up specifically for the job.

Occasional comments on Bolts day to day column at the ‘Herald Sun’ site will be made at the new blog. Mostly, these will be some of the more pertinent comments that I have made to posts that he has refused to publish as well comments relating to the progress on building a case against Bolt. Naturally, not all the evidence will be presented at this new blog for obvious reasons but as we trawl through Bolt’s archives and make the appropriate discoveries they will be documented at the new blog which will be called, appropriately, Andrew Bolt: Ultra Racist. Readers are welcome to leave comments though, if you are a right-wing racist, don’t bother.

This blog, Murdoch's Propagandists, will revert back to general commentary on, well, Murdoch's other Propagandists.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Murdoch’s three standout racist propagandists, Andrew Bolt of Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper, and Tim Blair and Piers Akerman of Sydney’s ‘Daily Telegraph’, all of whom run predominately xenophobic and Islamophobic racist blogs, may well be doing so in contravention of Australia’s racial vilification laws by allowing ‘serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of a person or groups on the grounds of race’ to be published and communicated at their blogs.

While in New South Wales the vilification laws apply only to race, in Victoria where Andrew Bolt operates, the vilification laws apply to both race and religion. However, civil or criminal suits may be brought against Blair and Akerman who operate in Sydney, from Victoria for both racial and religious vilification though any action brought against Bolt from NSW can only be brought for racial vilification, not religious.

Andrew Bolt’s blog is clearly the most outrageous of the three overtly racist blogs, and, because he is in Victoria where the vilification laws apply to religious as well as racial vilification, the opportunity to prosecute is much more feasible with a greater likelihood of success. If a favourable judgment against Bolt can be achieved then it is likely to stop Blair and Akerman continuing with their racial vilification without having to resort to legal action against them to stop their vilification.

The way all three of these vile racists work is quite smart. Instead of directly making seriously vilifying comments themselves, they use often blatant innuendo and inference to expound their message in their postings and then allow their followers to comment using increasingly ferocious racially and religiously vilifying attacks against the objects of their hatred that have been suggested in the postings. Bolt, Blair and Akerman are very careful not to make any seriously vilifying statements themselves but nonetheless get their message across by citing from others that clearly do have serious vilification intent.

However, while they are very careful not to incriminate themselves, they may well still be committing an offence by allowing commentators to go far beyond that which Bolt, Blair and Akerman are prepared to go in terms of blatant vilification by allowing such comments to be published, control of which is solely their responsibility since all three blogs are moderated. It is the fact that they are moderated which may make these racists liable for prosecution.

It would be an interesting test of the vilification laws were a suit made against any of these people and, to get the ball rolling, I’ll have their archives trawled for the most blatant posts and comments and then see what a barrister makes of it all. It may come to nought. But, on the other hand…

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Australian ‘Herald-Sun’ Murdoch columnist and propagandist Andrew “my best friend was an Aborigine” Bolt has become increasingly – and disturbingly – obsessive about race in Australia. His outburst yesterday was about Kim Collard, an artist who identifies as Aboriginal. Since Collard’s mother is part Aboriginal, and, therefore, also identifies as Aboriginal, but has a white father, Bolt denies that Collard is Aboriginal because of his pale colour and ancestry. Bolt infers that Collard has had the Aborigine ‘bred out of him’ as the old White Australian rednecks would once say, and that, as a ‘white’ person, is not eligible for any of the various concessions, prizes, awards, etc., that are available to Aboriginal people.

This is not the first time that Bolt has denied people their Aboriginal identity. Back in March 2009, Bolt questioned the Aboriginal identity of a Queensland politician, Leeanne Enoch, who was vying for a seat in the Queensland parliament. Then later in April 2009, Bolt again question the Aboriginal identity of artists and writer Bindi Cole, Annette Sax and Tara June Winch. And then there’s his piece in November last year that criticised the Aboriginal identify of Perth model Emily Cattermole, who is the grand-daughter of WA indigenous politician Ernie Bridge whose Aboriginal identity Bolt also questions. At the end of his article he has the audacity to write this piece of hypocrisy:

“Could we stop obsessing about racial differences almost invisible to the naked eye, and almost washed out by generations of mixed ancestry? It makes us look a little bit, well, racist.”

Well, yes it does, Bolt; but the only one obsessing about it is you and your coterie of obsessed racist bloggies!

But Bolt’s obsession with race doesn’t end just with the non-question of racial identity. He also denies that there were any stolen children and denies that there was ever any policy of ‘breeding the Aborigines out of existence’.

Bolts racist obsession with Aborigines, however, extends way beyond Aborigines. Bolt also obsesses about other races, religions and cultures which are all part of his overall racist paranoia. Asylum seekers that arrive by boat regularly fall into Bolt’s racist sights mainly because they tend to be non-white. While Bolt refers to these people as ‘illegal immigrants’, he says nothing of the hundreds of real illegal immigrants that arrive here every day on tourist and work visas who come with absolutely every intention of staying on beyond the expiration of their visa’s, most of whom are white Europeans who, of course, Bolt has no problem with.

Bolt’s biggest fear is Islam. Bolt doesn’t see Islamophobia as racist. For Bolt racism does not go beyond biological and physical differences between peoples. Culture and religion, the vilification of which most people see as a form of racism, are fair game for Bolt as he attempts to justify himself and, at the same time, avoid the racist tag by denying that being anti-Islam is racist.

Another popular target for Bolt’s over the top racism is black, coloured and non-whites that are embroiled in street violence. Today Bolt has written about gang violence in Melbourne where he highlights the ethnicity of those involved in such a way as to suggest that these people are innately violent because of their ethnicity and because they are immigrants. He even criticises the police for not describing the ethnicity of offenders though this kind of criticism is confined only to the ethnicity of non-whites.

Over the years, all of Bolt’s racism has revolved around either non-whites or Islam or both. All are vilified including Somalis, Samoans, Maoris, Lebanese, Indians, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, and, of course, Aborigines.

Bolt has become so fixated about the inferiority of races and cultures that are not Anglo-white European he has actually stated that ‘white Australian racism is a myth’. He’s forgotten, very conveniently, about Australia’s ‘White Australia Policy’, a policy which only ended in 1975.

Bolt recently told me in an email that his best friend when he was in year seven at school was an Aborigine. Given Bolt’s frothing at the mouth seething hatred of Aborigines, one can be forgiven for finding this totally impossible to believe. People like Bolt often deny their racism by telling people that ‘their best friend’ is actually someone of a race that they are vilifying.

Perhaps, if Bolt detests a multicultural Australia so much, he should find somewhere else to live. Certainly Australia will be a far better place without him. Either that or he should seek clinical help for his obsessive compulsion and delusional complexes about racial superiority. First, though, he needs to cease his denial of being a rabid racist and recognise that White Australians are as ‘ethnic’ as anyone else here in Australia and are amongst the most racist of all races that are in our multicultural society.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Traditionally, the extreme right-wing is overtly intolerant of homosexuality. However, beneath the veneer of their homophobic views, there can be found as many gay and lesbian right-wingers as there are on the left. The difference usually is that most gay and lesbian folk on the left are quite open about their sexuality, whereas those on the right tend to be far more covert about it through fear of being ostracised from their right-wing network of friends and associates. This is particularly so in the case of high profile right-wingers who are gay or lesbian. ‘Coming out’ for a right-winger is far more difficult for the right-winger than it is for the left-winger.

Apparently, Tony Abbott, well known for his Roman Catholicism and his so-called ‘moral values’ recently made some remarks that were interpreted as being ‘homophobic’. Murdoch propagandist, Andrew Bolt of the ‘Herald Sun’ Murdoch newspaper in Melbourne, made the mistake of commenting on Abbott’s apparent homophobic remarks.

As an extremist right-winger Bolt should have steered well clear of the debate.

But he didn’t.

Bolt’s main problem is that he’s painted himself into a corner. Bolt cannot condone and support Abbott’s homophobic remarks because he will then be seen as the quintessential hypocrite on the matter of homosexuality.

Part of Bolt’s extreme racism is his paranoid fear of Islam; his Islamophobia. As part of the rhetoric and propaganda that Bolt uses as he sets out to demean and vilify Islam in his column is his frequent reference to Islam’s intolerance to homosexuals which Bolt says Islam, especially in Iran, demonstrates by regularly hanging gay men. (In fact Iran does not hang men just because they are gay; they hang men who have committed sexual crimes, usually rape, against minors and who happen to be gay.) While Bolt’s Bloggies, who are mainly racists and Islamophobes themselves, were quite happy to support Bolt in this context, it seems that they are not happy with Bolt’s stance on homosexuality generally and particularly when it contradicts the views of their new political hero Tony Abbott. As a consequence, many of Bolts Bloggies have expressed extreme disappointment in Bolt for condemning Abbott’s stance.

This from Len of Coolangatta sums up much of the mood of Bolt’s Bloggies:

You know what Andrew, I think that you have become far too self indulgent. You were once the good guy in the campaign against the global warming people. The huge gangs of Bloggers went with you, and now you toy with us. We have followed your family holidays and came back to you when you came we are your playthings.
You have undervalued our intense support.
I hope that your radio show bombs. You have sold your soul man and this latest “Gay Parade” stuff is a further indication that you will use whatever you can to further your career. You belong on FM Outback man.....really outback. I am very disappointed in you Andrew, you are a novice in the real world of commerce.

Bolt has since put a lot of column space between his piece about Abbott’s views and his latest comments avoiding at all cost the subject of homosexuality in a effort to regain a lot of lost ground from his Bloggies.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Andrew Bolt of the Melbourne, Australia, ‘Herald-Sun’ newspaper (owned by who else but Rupert Murdoch), wrote in his column today that “If Israel killed Mabhouh, it was… because of the threat he posed to the lives of Israelis today”.

Based on Bolt’s logic, one could argue that, if it’s OK to assassinate people that are a threat to you, then it would be OK for Hamas to assassinate, say, Gabi Ashkenazi, Israel’s chief of staff, on account of the threat he poses to the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Not only does this sorry excuse for an Australian support the notion of targeted assassinations, but he actually criticises those that speak out against the practise. If this Murdoch-paid racist lunatic had his way, he’d no doubt be happy to extra-judicially execute all of the West’s enemies – particularly if they happen to be Muslims and better still if they’re in Australia if the way he relentlessly demeans and vilifies Islam in Australia is anything to go by.

Bolt wrote: “Fraser’s [referring to Malcolm Fraser, a former Australian Prime Minister] suggestion that Jews are just trading on the Holocaust dead is morally despicable, and bordering on anti-Semitism.”

What Fraser actually was quoted as saying was, “the Jewish state could no longer use the Holocaust as an excuse to justify state-sanctioned murder, and criticism of its policies should not be dismissed as anti-Semitism”.

Clearly, Fraser was not referring to ‘Jews’ generally as Bolt asserts but to the ‘Jewish State’, the Zionist State, whose apparatchiks have indeed invoked the Holocaust to justify killing their enemies claiming that such killings are aimed at preventing another ‘holocaust’. The reality, of course, is that Mabhouh, who certainly did buy arms for Hamas, was not doing so in order to create another ‘holocaust’ but simply to defend Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from the Israelis that frequently invade and indiscriminately kill civilians in the Gaza.

Fortunately, most Australians don’t go along with Bolt’s Islamophobic and other blatantly racist nonsense, but it’s unfortunate that the vocal few that do support him and several others of Murdoch’s propagandists are the ones that are bringing Australia’s reputation as a successful multicultural society into disrepute.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Andrew Bolt, together with a motley collection of Australia’s leading racists and white racism deniers that included Janet Albrechtsen, John Stone, John Herron, David Flint, Bob Carter, Gavin Atkins and John Howard, gathered in Sydney last night to celebrate race theoretician Keith Windschuttle’s third attempt at denying that there was institutionalised racism against Aboriginal people. Bolt was there to launch Windschuttle’s latest book on the subject entitled ‘The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume 3: The Stolen Generations’.

Bolt, who thinks that white Australian racism is a myth, (I kid you not! See here) and his racist mates have embarked on a concerted effort to prove that, not only are white Australians not racist and never have been, but that white Australians, who Bolt has jingoistically labelled ‘Skips’, are actually being racially discriminated against by non-whites and non-Australian born foreigners in Australia.

What is emerging is a co-ordinated and somewhat transparent effort by extreme right-wing racists to promote racism in Australia by claiming that white Australians are the real victims of racism. Using all the propaganda power they are able to muster, they have attempted to marginalise non-white immigrants by accusing them of coming to Australia to deliberately target white Australians and the white Australian way of life. One of their ilk, the paranoid racist propagandist Piers Akerman, another racist that thinks the stolen generation is a myth, even accused foreign-born Islamists in Australia of having deliberately lit the Victorian bushfires of last year.

The one positive that comes from their racist rantings is the fact that, rather than denying that white racism exists in Australia, the denial itself is so obviously racist that it reinforces the notion that white Australian racism does exist and, indeed, is as strong today as it was in the old White Australia Policy days of yesteryear.

Fortunately, the main bulk of Australia has moved on from the views of these racist dinosaurs and can see through their racist propaganda. Their racist views do not go anywhere near representing the vast majority of real Australians – whether they were born here or not and regardless of the colour of their skin, their religion or their culture.

Friday, February 19, 2010


...and I don't mean Al Gore!

Tim Blair writes:

A friend, the owner of a blue heeler, emails:

“There’s a hole in our floor due to the renovations. Last night, a small, speckled dove came up through the hole, to have a little look around. Lasted exactly 15 seconds: there was a blue streak, an explosion of feathers, and my daughter burst into tears. Was excellent.”

It isn’t often you get nature lessons of that quality without leaving the house.

The idea of a blue heeler tearing a pigeon apart and having one very upset child witness it is one thing. To then say the bloody killing and having a traumatised daughter 'was excellent' is something else.

For Blair to then relate the story to the public as some kind of positive thing is something else yet again. It tells us a lot about both Blair and his friend.

The response from Blair’s bloggies is predictable.

Sick people.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Australia’s leading racist, Andrew Bolt of the Murdoch-owned Herald-Sun in Melbourne, wrote today that ‘racist thugs are obviously targeting Australian’s, and not Indians’.

Bolt bases this nonsense on an article in ‘The Age’ newspaper also in Melbourne which said:

People born overseas are less likely to be assaulted than those born in Australia according to new Australian Bureau of Statistics data.
The national survey found that those born in Australia were more than twice as likely to be the victim of a physical assault.
It showed an assault rate of 3.6 per cent for Australian-born people, or 445,000 victims, compared with an assault rate of 1.7 per cent, or 82,000, for those born in other countries.

Bolt neglects to mention that nowhere in the report was there any mention of the assaults being racially motivated, only that the statistics come at a time when the debate over assaults against Indians still rages. In fact the report went on to say that:

77 per cent of female victims - as opposed to half of males - knew the offender, with just under half of the assaults occurring in the home.

But for Bolt all this translates to Australian-born Aussies being attacked by foreigners. His assertion that ‘racist thugs are obviously targeting Australian’s, and not Indians’ is not supported at all by the evidence he himself is quoting.

Bolt hopes that his readers will just take his word for it without thinking about the reality. It’s amazing how many ways Bolt tries to use racism in order to actually promote racism. Inferring that foreign-born Australians are ‘racist thugs’ is actually a racist slur in itself. But then, everyone knows what a racist thug Bolt actually is.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Australian neocon writer and Murdoch propagandist Greg Sheridan has advocated that Israel should bomb Iran though he concedes that there is little chance that they actually will. He claims that “there is really no doubt that Iran has a program designed to produce nuclear weapons.” The reality is; there is a great deal of doubt. There is no actual evidence at all that Iran has any nuclear weapons program. All that there has been is rhetoric and propaganda. Even the US intelligence community in 2007 couldn’t find any. And nor have they found any since. However, this hasn’t stopped the war drums from beating ever louder. And Greg Sheridan is now playing his part in beating those drums.

Israel will not be attacking Iran unilaterally though there is a good chance that it will make the first strike by launching a small raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities which will then be followed up by a full-on assault against Iran’s defences and government institutions by the US with the claim that the US has had no alternative but to support Israel in order to prevent any retaliatory strike by Iran against Israel.

Because of the possibility of retaliatory strikes via Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel is likely to launch pre-emptive strikes against both at the same time as it strikes Iran’s nuclear facilities. In this way it will seem as though Israel has acted unilaterally to start the war and then the US has had to join in to protect Israel. This lets Obama off the hook from the point of view of American public opinion which would never support a US pre-emptive strike against Iran but would support a strike if it were to prevent Israel being attacked by Iran.

In order for this ploy to work, it must be made to look as though Israel had attacked Iran without US prior knowledge. This is where the plan comes unstuck. There is absolutely no way that Israel could possibly launch an attack against Iran without US connivance. Israel would need to have massive amounts of military jet fuel to mount such an operation; fuel that it would have to order from the US. Since military jet fuel has a limited shelf life, there is no way that Israel could order fuel discreetly in small batches for stockpiling. Bunker-busting bombs would also need to be ordered from the US. Then there is the problem of trying to get permission to overfly various countries in order to get from bases in Israel to targets over Iran and have tanker refuellers circling over foreign airspace to refuel the strike aircraft. This would be impossible without the US knowing about it.

The bottom line is: Any strike against Iran, even if it seems that Israel struck the first blow, would be a joint assault by the US and Israel.

Sheridan writes: “The truth is that history is littered with states behaving irrationally and pursuing irrational ends, and doing so in often self-destructive ways.” Never a truer word has Sheridan written!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Garry Morgan, executive chairman of Roy Morgan Research, one of Australasia’s most respected pollsters, has recently accused News Ltd’s Newspoll owned by Rupert Murdoch of deliberately allowing Newspoll figures to be published knowing them to be in error. In other words; Newspoll have been caught fudging the numbers to suit their political agenda.

According to Gary Morgan, in a poll conducted early in November last year Newspoll claimed that coalition support had jumped 7% while ALP support had dropped 7%. Such a large margin of change, coupled with another figure showing the Consumer Confidence Rating going up in contradiction to what one would normally expect given Newspoll’s numbers, should have rung alarm bells that in turn should have led to another poll being taken straight away said Gary Morgan. This did not happen and News Ltd went ahead and published the false figures.

Furthermore, not only were the ‘rogue’ figures published, but figures that showed strong support for Labor regarding their policies about ‘boat people’ refugees were not published.

Morgan said, “That pollsters and those that publish the polls have a responsibility to report the facts and the truth”. He went on to say that, “Polls and their publishers should not seek to set the agenda by selectively releasing polling data”, and that, “Polls and their publishers are powerful but with that power comes responsibility”.

One wonders how many others of Newspoll’s polls have been fudged.

Murdoch’s NewsLies strikes again.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


For those that are here to see what Blair dare not publish at his blog, this is it:

Sherry Marquez said:

“This is what the Muslim religion is all about. The beheadings, honour killings are just the beginning of what is to come in the U.S.A. We are told this is a small majority of Muslims in America, but it is truly what they are all about.”

This is a deliberate attempt to demean all of the Muslim religion. Marquez is stereotyping the entire Muslim religion by saying; “This is what the Muslim religion is all about” and “it is truly what they are all about”.

Groups of peoples distinguish themselves from other groups of peoples not just by virtue of skin colour or physical features but also by virtue of their culture and religion.

It is a blatant piece of racism, the racism of culture and religion.


One of Blair’s dumber bloggies called Struth has made this comment:

councilwoman accused of racist muslim comment’, is the headline.
The point Tim is making is that you can’t be ‘racist’ against Islam as it is a religion, not a race. Many different races follow Islam, and they are henceforth known as Muslims. Geddit?

I wrote a comment in response that said ‘if you can’t be racist against Islam because it is a religion and not a race, then you can’t be racist against Jews because that too is a religion and not a race. Many different races follow Judaism as well, like Ethiopians for example.
Naturally Blair chose to interfere with the comment being too fearful of showing Struth, a regular Blair Bloggie, for being the complete moron that he is.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For those that have come here curious to know what Blair hasn't published at his supposedly open blog, I have since rewritten it into a small article. This is it:

Last Monday, George Monbiot, writer and commentator with the UKs Guardian newspaper, launched a website called which intends to raise money for a bounty to be paid to any one who attempts a citizen’s arrest of former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

So far, the appeal has raised some £8,830.00 in just a few days with Monbiot himself kicking it off with a donation of £100. Any one attempting a bona fide citizen’s arrest, successful or otherwise, will be entitled to one quarter of the kitty as it stood at the time of the arrest and providing the arrest is reported in a bona fide news reporting service and also providing no one is hurt in the process of the arrest – including Blair. All the details are available at Monbiot’s site.

Already the right-wing media blogs, especially the Murdoch press, are inadvertently promoting Monbiot’s venture. With a certain degree of irony, one of Murdoch’s most outrageous propagandists, Tim Blair of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, has already written a column in his extreme right-wing opinion blog which provides a link directly to Monbiot’s site together with commentary of what it’s all about. Of course, while Tim Blair is attempting to ridicule rather than promote Monbiot’s endeavours in the delusional belief that all of those that visit Tim Blair’s blog are actually supporters of his right-wing garbage, he has actually done Monbiot a great favour since the vast majority of visitors to Tim Blair’s site go there merely to be entertained by his coterie of bloggies with their disgraceful racial slurs and blatant over the top extreme right-wing nonsense.

Monbiot has put his money where his mouth is and deserves all the support he can get. While Monbiot has no illusions about how successful any arrest is likely to be, he at least is bringing to the attention of the world the crimes that Tony Blair has committed and ensuring that Tony Blair will not be able to rest easily ever again until he has answered for his crimes.
Well done George Monbiot and all those that support him – including those like the ridiculous Tim Blair in Australia who, while he doesn’t realise it, is also doing his bit to ensure Monbiot’s cause is heard about!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


For those that have come here wondering what it was I wrote that Blair wouldn’t publish, it went something like this:

‘Is a Pervert for Peace a bit like a Pervert for War like well-known serial sexual harasser Piers Akerman?’


Blair has also refused to publish my comment on another of his threads. The comment went thus:

I guess when there is no other evidence to support your theory that there is no ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ and all you can do is ridicule a crap theory from an actor in order to distract from your own opposing crap theory, then one can only assume you’re getting very desperate. And to link to all those neocon/right-wing loony sites merely reinforces the notion. Next thing you’ll be telling us that Lord Monckton is totally bipartisan – apart, of course, from the fat fee he’ll be collecting from the mining industry.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Normally, Murdoch’s racists on his newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne, Tim Blair and Piers Akerman at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Andrew Bolt at Melbourne’s Herald Sun, wouldn’t be able to resist making some comment about the recent spate of attacks on Indian in Melbourne. But, while it is true that Bolt is on leave, both Blair and Akerman are very active with their blogs in Sydney yet both have been strangely silent on the issue.

Last Saturday four unidentified men set fire to 29-year-old Jaspreet Singh in Melbourne while a little over a week ago 21-year-old Nitin Garg, a student also in Melbourne, was stabbed to death by an unknown assailant or assailants.

Police were very quick to insist that the attacks were not racially motivated despite the fact that none of the culprits have yet been caught. Police offered no evidence to support their assertion. The Victorian government, anxious to keep relations sweet with the Indian government in order to protect a very lucrative education industry offered to overseas students, likewise have insisted that the attacks were not racially motivated. Julia Gillard, Australia’s deputy prime minister, has also denied any racial motivation for the attacks.

Clearly, the attacks have created a massive diplomatic problem which, just as clearly, the Australian government wants to maintain control of. While here in Australia we like to think we have a ‘free’ press, there are times when it is in the government’s interest to ask the media to limit discussion of sensitive issues like this to simply the facts without proffering too much opinion and certainly not to aggravate the problem by allowing it to be discussed on the mainstream newspaper’s blogs – particularly the right-wing racist ones run by Blair, Akerman and Bolt, et al.

These people have done enough damage to Australia with their racist outbursts over the years. Perhaps it’s time they should be silenced for good. The world would be a far better place without these people shoving the hate on the rest of us.