Sunday, January 19, 2014


Both Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt, two of Rupert Murdoch’s most disgusting racist propagandists, have shown in their respective columns just how low they can go in demonising asylum seeking refugees.

In their twisted minds they suggest that insulting refugees is somehow far better than refugees drowning - as if one has something to do with the other.

The Australian naval officer that did the insulting did so because he’s a racist. He didn’t insult them to save them from drowning. Putting the two together as Blair and Bolt have done, simply demonstrates the purely racist intent of their commentary.

Both are classic examples of the propagandist’s skills whereby little is actually said by them but they leave it to their respective followers to fill in what they really want to say because they are too cowardly to actually say it themselves. A reading of the comments against Blair and Bolt’s post shows the true extent of their racism – if you can bear to read them.

As usual, Blair and Bolt push their hatreds up to the edge and leave it to their tiny band of racist Bloggies to shove it over.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Tim Blair, one of Murdoch’s propagandists at the Sydney Daily Telegraph, exposes himself as a deceitful commentator when he posted a piece titled ‘Sexist, racist decision reversed’ at his blog today.

In it, Blair claims that Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison had reversed a decision made by the Labor government that refused an African woman a visa to come to Australia for facial reconstruction surgery after having been shot as an infant. While it is true that the woman in question was denied a visa by the previous Labor government, Blair infers that Morrison has reversed the decision of his volition and out of a sense of sympathy when in fact Morrison only makes the decision to issue the visa after 40,000 people petitioned the government on the woman’s behalf to allow the visa.   

Its doubtful Morrison would have issued the visa without the petition.

Blair’s piece is typical of the deceitful methods used by Murdoch’s propagandists as they go about the business of twisting the truth in order to project their brand of Fascism as some kind of benign good for the nation.