Monday, April 12, 2010


One would have thought that, after the exposure of the lies told to get a war going against the people of Iraq, that the neocons would have pulled their head in and at least be a little more subtle about how they try to con the world into a war against Iran. But, no; the ‘Iraq has a nuclear weapons program’ meme that we were so familiar with as Zionist Israel and their neocon supporters got the US and its allies to invade and destroy Iraq has for some time now morphed into ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’.

Yes, the same shameless neocons are using exactly the same rhetoric and propaganda to get the US to bomb and destroy Iran as they did with Iraq.

In his latest piece of warmongering nonsense, William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard:

…the finger-wagging of the international community won’t stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. The non-chest-thumping Obama administration, it is increasingly clear, is not going to stop Iran either. The only country that may not be resigned to a nuclear Iran is Israel. Its government, at least, disdains resignation to the fact that nefarious regimes sometimes choose to change behaviour, but, gee, sometimes they don’t.

And then, just to reinforce the notion of ‘existential threat’ to Israel – and the rest of ‘us’, whoever ‘us’ are – he adds:

After all, this worldly attitude didn’t work out too well for the Jewish people—or the rest of us—in the last century.

Kristol also demonstrates the extent to which the neocons have been able to successfully con the State Department into believing Iran has a nuclear weapons program. He quotes State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley who, referring to Iran’s recent statements about its new-found ability to speed up enrichment, said that there was no need for faster centrifuges and that:

We have to conclude that Iran has nefarious intentions with its nuclear program.

Just how Iran’s wish to speed up its nuclear power generation and medical isotopes program demonstrates a ‘nefarious intention’ is conveniently not explained. However, by making such a statement, the inference that Crowley and Kristol are trying to con us into believing is quite clear. Crowley and Kristol are hoping that ‘speeding up enrichment’ will be interpreted as ‘enriching uranium to weapons grade’ rather than simply producing enough low grade material for electrical power generation and medical purposes much quicker.

With regard to Kristol’s assertion that ‘Israel may be the only country not resigned to a nuclear Iran’, this is pure nonsense. Israel cannot act militarily against Iran without US connivance. If Israel were to strike Iran and then Obama claimed that the US were ignorant of Israel’s plans, then one would know that the biggest lie of all had been told.

Israel needs Iran out of their equation for a Greater Israel. With Iran unable to support Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Syria, Israel knows it will be able to deal the blow it has always dreamed of against the Palestinians and their Arab neighbours in order to realise their dream of a Greater Israel that includes the Gaza Strip, south Lebanon up to the Litani River, and the West Bank.

The lie that Iran has a ‘nuclear weapons program’ is central to Israel’s expansionist hopes and dreams.

The Zionists of Israel and their neocon supporters, led by the likes of William Kristol in the US, together with other neocons around the world will keep pushing the lie until eventually the administration will cave in to their demands and attack Iran.

And the rest of the world will not be heard despite the noise we will create.


The chances are that that is exactly what Blair has likely been doing – and I know from whom he probably learnt the lesson from.

Back in early 2007 I had differences of opinion with an extreme right-wing racist and Zionist by the name of Dylan Kissane. I managed, by pure chance of timing, to catch Kissane red-handed sock-puppeting at my blog and then making comments at his own blog about the fact that I deleted his sock-puppet comment.

The problem for Kissane was that I did indeed delete the comment that he refered to and which he reproduced on his own blog. However, the only way that Kissane would have known that I deleted his comment and also have known what the comment was word for word, was if he had written and posted it himself because I deleted it AS SOON AS IT ARRIVED AT MY DESK. No more than a few minutes would have passed between the comment being posted and me deleting it. There is absolutely no way that Kissane could have known that I deleted a comment and known what it said verbatim unless he had posted it himself – which, of course, the lying little loon denied.

After confronting him about it, he conceded that he had been responsible for the fraud. As a consequence of his fraud being discovered Kissane withdrew from serious blogging.

Kissane is a wannabe academic doing a PhD at the University of South Australia though he is based in France. He has no credibility as an academic and is a proven manipulator of the facts and downright liar. He is also a friend of Tim Blair to whom he occasionally feeds stories that Blair uses at his blog.

Did Blair sock-puppet his own blog? More than likely knowing his association with the likes of others who also practice this deceit.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday, Wikileaks, a website dedicated to publishing classified documents and films, released a video showing the murder and wounding of Iraqis including two Reuters news workers who were murdered and two children who were wounded. Altogether, some twelve people died in the incident.

The film clearly shows Iraqis being blasted by machine-canon fire from a helicopter gunship. While arms are mentioned there is little indication that they were armed. Certainly after the initial attack, when a van appeared to take away the wounded, there was no sign of any arms yet the gung-ho American murderers decided to open fire on them anyway and then laughed after. Later, an American tank arrives on the scene and blithely drives over one of the dead Iraqis.

Despite the clearly murderous intent of the Americans operating the guns who can be heard almost pleading for permission to open fire on a clearly badly wounded Iraqi and the van that had arrived to evacuate him, Weekly Standard propagandist, Bill Roggio, attempts to spin the murders as being a legitimate action claiming that everything that happened was within the military’s Rules of Engagement and that the attack on the van that arrived to rescue the injured Iraqi was legitimate on account of it not being marked as an ambulance. But what is really disgusting about Roggio’s attempt to spin the incident is the way he accuses Wikileaks of merely sensationalising the event in order to attract media attention and internet traffic to their website.

Watch the video, read Roggio’s pathetic propaganda piece and weep.

And these people want the world to be like them??


New York Times writers Noam Cohen and Brian Stelter must have read the Weekly Standard piece by Roggio as well. Cohen and Stelter have authored an article in today’s NYT entitled ‘Iraq Video Brings Notice to a Web Site’.

Their article is both a classic piece of distractive propaganda with a dash of sour grapes thrown in. Rather than talk about the horrendous crime that has been committed, the writers attempt to shoot the messenger - in this case Wikileaks - by suggesting that Wikileaks is merely attempting to big-note itself by releasing the film.

I say; 'Good on 'em!' If the mainstream media won't report important stuff like this, then let Wikileaks do it for them.