Saturday, May 2, 2009


Andrew Bolt thinks millions dead and homeless is a ‘victory’.

Andrew Bolt at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper says, referring to Obama’s proposed troop pullout from Iraq: “Let’s pray the new president does not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

One wonders how or why some 4600 allied soldiers and over a million Iraqis dead with another four million Iraqis displaced from their homes, the country with a now utterly ruined utility infrastructure, a nation rife with criminal violence cloaked in faux sectarian politics; one wonders how all this can be seen as a ‘victory’. And, to think, they actually want to do this all over again with Iran.

Tim Blair displays his racist credentials –again.

Tim Blair at Sydney’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ homes in on violence in Australia but the way Blair puts it one would think that only people ‘of Middle Eastern appearance’ were ever responsible. All the more reason, at least so the racist Blair and his bloggies would hope, to get the government to ban all immigration by Muslims and anyone else ‘of Middle Eastern appearance’.

Piers Akerman thinks asylum seekers are ‘illegal immigrants’.

Piers Akerman, also at Sydney’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ spent most of last week trying to convince Australians that boatpeople seeking asylum in Australia are ‘illegal immigrants’. He pathetically tried to argue that people arriving by this means should be stopped because their means of transport is too dangerous. True, it is dangerous, but that’s not why Akerman wants them stopped. The ‘too dangerous argument’ is simply a useful lever for Akerman to legitimise his true intent which is to stop all Asian and Middle Eastern immigration to Australia.

Illegal immigrants are people that arrive in Australia, usually by airliner, on a tourist visa with the express purpose of coming to stay. Asylum seekers arrive in Australia anyway they can with no intentions other than to seek asylum. What you see is what you get with these people – honest but desperate people. Akerman tries to make asylum seekers seem something else. He’d like the asylum seekers punished for allowing people smugglers to take advantage of them. Not only is Akerman a racist but he’s a deceitful one to boot.

Meanwhile, over in neocon Ga-Ga Land…

Michael Rubin, writing in Murdoch’s neocon comic ‘The Weekly Standard’, reckons that “a Taliban spokesman announced that Osama bin Laden would be welcome in Swat”, a small province in Pakistan close to the nations capital, Islamabad. If he were alive I’m sure he would be; after all, it’s not called Islamabad for nothing. His spirit, however, is likely to be more welcome there than American and NATO soldiers which, of course, the neocons and the Zionists in particular are hankering after, fearful that an Islamic fundamentalist government of a nuclear armed nation could cause a problem for Zionist ambitions in Palestine and south Lebanon.

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