Monday, December 7, 2009


In his column today Tim Bliar told his readers that: “Taliban maniacs have killed more than 2600 people in Pakistan in the last couple of years”. He attempts to support this assertion by linking to an article which, if one reads, actually says: “…Lahore has frequently been targeted by Taliban militants waging a two-and-a-half year insurgency that has killed more than 2,600 people in Pakistan.” It does not say that the Taliban have killed 2600 people; it says the Taliban insurgency has resulted in the deaths of 2600 people. Included in that number are Taliban fighters themselves who have been killed by both CIA drone bombing attacks and by Pakistani forces. While Pakistani military claims of over 1400 Taliban killed during anti-Taliban operations during May and June 2009 is likely exaggerated, Taliban casualties over the last two years would account for many of the 2600 people killed. At least another 700 of that figure include civilians also killed by the CIA in drone bombing attacks and written off as ‘collateral damage’.

While I have little time for the Taliban’s ideology and its culture of summary executions and suicide bombings, I have even less for the hypocrisy and arrogance of the US and their allies who go to foreign countries and indiscriminately kill tens of thousands of their inhabitants in the name of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘Big Business’, and even less still for the lying scum in the Western media that support and perpetuate these wars.
The real ‘maniacs’ that are doing the killing in Pakistan are the US and their allies. The Taliban have resorted to extremist behaviour in a desperate effort to get the foreigners to leave their lands alone. The more the US and their allies push them, the more extreme they’ll become, but one thing is for sure; the US and their allies will never be able to defeat them.


Just in case Akerman doesn't see fit to publish it, this is what I said:

Tens of thousands across Europe demonstrated for action on climate change over the last weekend.

However, there were no reports of any pro-pollution demonstrations. None. What does that tell you, Akerman?

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