Saturday, January 16, 2010


For those that have come here wondering what it was I wrote that Blair wouldn’t publish, it went something like this:

‘Is a Pervert for Peace a bit like a Pervert for War like well-known serial sexual harasser Piers Akerman?’


Blair has also refused to publish my comment on another of his threads. The comment went thus:

I guess when there is no other evidence to support your theory that there is no ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ and all you can do is ridicule a crap theory from an actor in order to distract from your own opposing crap theory, then one can only assume you’re getting very desperate. And to link to all those neocon/right-wing loony sites merely reinforces the notion. Next thing you’ll be telling us that Lord Monckton is totally bipartisan – apart, of course, from the fat fee he’ll be collecting from the mining industry.


  1. If Blair left a comment here calling one of your colleagues a pervert and accusing them of sexual harassment, would you publish it?

  2. Blair has no reason to leave a comment here calling one of my collegues a pervert because I didn't kick this off by calling anyone a pervert to start with - Blair did. I haven't gone out of my way to use anothers personal weaknesses to push a political agenda so what's good for the goose is good for the gander as far as I'm concerned. If Blair wants to publish crap to push his barrow, then I'm quite happy to point out the hypocrisy.

  3. But now that you HAVE called someone a pervert, does that mean Blair can leave a comment here doing the same, about someone not related in any way to the subject? Is that how this works?

  4. Since Blair chose not to publish my comment, why would I publish his? Besides, what's he going to comment on now that I've called Akerman a pervert? Will there be a frantic search by Blair for someone else on the left that is also a pervert just to even the score?

    My blog is merely a means of saying what I want to say if the likes of Blair, Akerman and Bolt refuse to publish my comments at their blogs. But, even if these people did publish my comments at their blogs, I wouldn't publish any of theirs here.

    Blair, Akerman and Bolt are propagandists masquerading as journalists that push an extreme right-wing racist agenda abusing their positions as journalists on mainstream newspapers to present only their point of view after misleading the public into believing that their blogs are open and non-partisan.

    I have no such pretensions. I do not publish right-wing crap. Simple as that.

  5. Haha, Damian the radical Marxist extremist is not just into refusing to publish, but also actively deleting already-appearing comments that he does not like.

    It is fun therefore to see him whinge and moan like a little girl when Blair doesn't publish him. Good one Blair!

    Haha, sucked in to Damien.

  6. Avner, I'll let this one go just to show others what - and why - I don't publish your kind of childish empty nonsense.

    Radical Marxist extremist?? Do you have any idea of what you are talking about?

    Don't bother responding; it'll get deleted!

  7. This response is for you personally.
    Not for your "many" readers.

    You're a radical Marxist extremist.
    So fringe, in fact, that you even fell foul of the lunatice left-wing Greens at Kingston's Web Diary.

    They weren't Left enough for your radical politics.

    Now that's extreme.

    Oh, and sucked in for not getting published at Blair - again. Haha.