Monday, April 12, 2010


The chances are that that is exactly what Blair has likely been doing – and I know from whom he probably learnt the lesson from.

Back in early 2007 I had differences of opinion with an extreme right-wing racist and Zionist by the name of Dylan Kissane. I managed, by pure chance of timing, to catch Kissane red-handed sock-puppeting at my blog and then making comments at his own blog about the fact that I deleted his sock-puppet comment.

The problem for Kissane was that I did indeed delete the comment that he refered to and which he reproduced on his own blog. However, the only way that Kissane would have known that I deleted his comment and also have known what the comment was word for word, was if he had written and posted it himself because I deleted it AS SOON AS IT ARRIVED AT MY DESK. No more than a few minutes would have passed between the comment being posted and me deleting it. There is absolutely no way that Kissane could have known that I deleted a comment and known what it said verbatim unless he had posted it himself – which, of course, the lying little loon denied.

After confronting him about it, he conceded that he had been responsible for the fraud. As a consequence of his fraud being discovered Kissane withdrew from serious blogging.

Kissane is a wannabe academic doing a PhD at the University of South Australia though he is based in France. He has no credibility as an academic and is a proven manipulator of the facts and downright liar. He is also a friend of Tim Blair to whom he occasionally feeds stories that Blair uses at his blog.

Did Blair sock-puppet his own blog? More than likely knowing his association with the likes of others who also practice this deceit.