Friday, June 22, 2012


Bolt’s column continued today to sickenly exploit the recent boatpeople tragedy by cynically calling for the government to stop the boats by threatening people that come to Australia by boat with long detention in places they don’t want to be in order to deter them from coming to Australia.

Clearly, the only reason they want to deter asylum seeking boatpeople from coming to Australia, is not because they care about their safety, but because they are Islamophobic racists and do not want non-white people to come to Australia. It’s as simple as that.  


  1. If Australia can not find the resources to fund services to look after their own minority groups why on earth would I be interested in seeing billions of dollars wasted on boat people? As to you mentioning Islamophobic racists well add me to the list as I dont approve of any religion that sees women not equal to men just for starters. Have you written any articiles on australian homeless people or the rate of suicide in the white male population of australia? Have you written any articles on how australian people do not receive free dental care but upon arrival boat people do? I'd be interested to know as I have trouble finding anything written by people such as yourself about australian minority groups. You sound like a very racist person to me but perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps like you if I dont agree with people I pull out the racist redneck card!

  2. If Australia can find the billions of dollars it uses to build air defence warships that will never get used, submarines that spend more time out of the water than in, and aircraft that are not much more than toys for the boys, then I'm sure we can find all the funds needed to sort out all of the problems you mention from boatpeople to white suicides, indeed suicides by all races.

  3. From over the horizen they come here on waves.
    A legacy of Gillard she'll take to her grave.
    While others in real need langish years in an overseas camp,
    our labor incompentents welcome boat people with a big rubber stamp.
    The bleeding heart bleaters shout how un-Australian we are,
    for not offering more to our new bludgers from afar.
    But truth is we all want no harm to any,
    we just have to sort out the real needy from the many.
    So by all means lets help out the best way we can,
    by protecting our boarders from the invasion of the illigal man.

  4. yes Damian Lataan is a racist. the very worst kind. It is scum like him that is destroying our country. You dont like it here Damian then leave. Its as simple as that. You racist pig

  5. The only racists here are the ones that somehow think I am. It's called denialist projection.

    Ah, well.