Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Melbourne’s leading extreme right-wing racist anti-everything-that’s-not-white-and-right, Andrew Bolt, runs a blog in Murdoch’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper that showcases the propaganda techniques used by all of the extreme right-wing propagandists Murdoch employs.

As I write, it’s only 10.19am and already Bolt has put up eight blatantly propagandising blog pieces.

They cover everything from global warming; a dig at British barrister Geoffrey Robertson, advocate for a charter of rights; President Obama who Bolt feels will never be able to live up the standards set by Bolt’s hero George W. Bush; Australia’s CSIRO science research organisation which Bolt reckons is ideologically driven on account that it researches climate change and contributes to the science of alternative energy resources; the roll-out of the governments broadband system (it’s a Labor government initiative rather than a Liberal government initiative so therefore automatically comes in for a hammering); a promotion of air-conditioners saying they saved the lives of the elderly and, in so doing, has an underhanded dig at the long term notion of developing eco-friendly houses that don’t need air-conditioning which Bolt claims is a ‘green jihad’ thing. This particular piece of propaganda is almost clever – if it weren’t so blatantly transparent. The phrase ‘green jihad’ lumps together two of his pet hates, the Greens and Islam, in an attempt to demonise Greens in the same way as he attempts as an Islamophobe to demonise Muslims.

Bolt also has a go at last years ‘2020 Summit’ organised by Kevin Rudd and, the latest one before finishing this article, a dig at the unions.

They’re all worth a look at if, for no other reason, that one gains an insight into how Murdoch’s Propagandists operate.

One wonders what sort of world there would be if there was no Rupert Murdoch to support these hate-everything-mongers.