Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well known propagandist Greg Sheridan writing for Murdoch’s ‘The Australian’ newspaper has said that the North Koreans “…have demonstrated to the world that they can produce a successful, long-range, weapons-bearing missile, which could strike the US, or Australia for that matter, with a nuclear payload”.

In reality the North Koreans have done nothing more than successfully launch a satellite just as they said they were going to do. And why shouldn’t they? Scores of nations have done the same thing over the years yet we’ve heard nothing from the right-wing merchants of hate about them – unless, of course it happens to be Iran or some other nation that the US and their allies are trying to demonise.

One has to wonder what it is that the West is worried about with North Korea. Yes, it is a country that is run for the benefit of its elitist leaders but then so is the US and many other countries in the West. The ordinary peoples of North Korea are no more or less hard done by than the ordinary peoples of any other country – especially in this day and age, but for some reason ‘communist’ countries (as if North Korea is actually a ‘communist’ country; it’s just another form of fascism just like Stalin’s Russia) need still to be demonised by those other fascist countries that still call themselves ‘democracies’. They’re all cast in the same mould; they just pop out with different labels on them and start fighting each other to see who can enrich themselves the most.

The world has nothing to worry about from North Korea. However, the nation that the world should be really worried about at the moment is Israel and its ability to launch nuclear weapons. And the US who actually have a history of having used their nuclear weapons.

Sheridan also waffles on about North Korea’s ‘defiance’ of UN resolutions. In doing so he displays his hypocrisy. He is always quick to criticise Iran and North Korea for ignoring UN resolutions, (all resolutions incidentally that have been introduced by the US or its Western allies), but I don’t recall ever hearing or reading about Sheridan or his ilk criticising Israel for the 60-odd UN resolutions they have ignored.

I don’t go along with the way North Korea’s leaders run things in their country and I would prefer to see a world that has no nuclear weapons at all. But I go along even less with nations like the US and their allies who run things little differently from places like North Korea (many Americans are just as badly off as many North Koreans) and who actually do have nuclear weapons and go around threatening peoples that don’t agree with the way the US do things.

Sheridan and his fellow neocons should pull their heads from the sand and face the reality of a world that has woken up their propaganda nonsense.

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