Thursday, June 11, 2009


The only difference between Andrew Bolt, an Australian Murdoch propagandist and blogger at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper, and James Von Brunn, the white supremacist Nazi who shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Memorial in the US, is that Andrew Bolt supports Zionism whereas Von Brunn is also an anti-Semite and, therefore, also sees anything that has connections to Israel and Jews, including neoconservatism, as something to be scorned. As a Zionist supporter, on the other hand, Bolt supports neoconservatism but otherwise has similar views towards other non-white peoples as Von Brunn has; both, indeed, are white supremacists.

Like many extreme right-wingers, Bolt and his entourage of bloggies don’t see them selves as extremists but, instead, delude themselves into believing that they are representative of most ‘ordinary’ people. As such, they prefer to detach themselves from labels such as ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘neo-Nazi’ and for the last couple of days Andrew Bolt has been making frantic efforts to distance himself even further from these labels.

One method used by the extreme right-wing to deflect the use of labels against them is to inappropriately label the left with those same labels. A classic example of this is their continued deceit regarding those that are anti-Zionist whom they label as being ‘anti-Semite’. While anti-Semites by definition would be anti-Zionist, it does not follow that anti-Zionists are anti-Semite; indeed, there are many anti-Zionists that are actually Jewish and who clearly are not anti-Semite. The right-wing in this case are simply trying to blur the differences between Semitism, which is simply a racial descriptor (just as Nordic is sometimes used as a descriptor for northern Europeans or Negroid is used as a descriptor for peoples of African origin) and Zionism which is a political ideology and has nothing to do with race per se. However, like Nazism which is also a political ideology that had racial connotations inasmuch that it excluded Jews and other peoples the ideology deemed inferior, the ideology of Zionism generally precludes those that are not Jews either by religion, religious birthright, race or racial birthright or conversion.

Some misguided extreme right-wingers (such as Bolt bloggie ‘markusbondi’ commenting on Fri 12 June 09 at 09.14am) even try to deflect being labelled right-wing racist extremists and cast in the same barrel as Nazis by suggesting that Nazis were really socialists because they called themselves ‘National Socialists’ who, according to ‘markusbondi’, apparently “implemented socialist policies”. To ensure the deflection is complete ‘markusbondi’ adds that these ‘socialist policies’ are “not unlike what the Greens want to implement right now”. What stops this nonsense from being merely laughable is the fact that there are some people around who are dumb and gullible enough to actually believe this stuff.

And it is this that brings us back full circle as far Murdoch’s propagandists are concerned. Bolt himself would never get away with writing this nonsense in so many words as ‘markusbondi’ has, however, because Bolt runs his column as a blog, people like ‘markusbondi’ are invited, even encouraged, to strut their paranoid nonsense thus reflecting Bolt’s owns views without Bolt actually having to say it.

When something happens like the killing at the Holocaust museum by someone who is just as much a racist as Bolt is, then Bolt and his followers become desperate to the point of confusion as to how to deal with it without looking like neo-Nazis and racists themselves. The easiest way out for them is to simply use deceit though the only people in the end that they end up deceiving is invariably themselves.

The comment I left at Bolt's Blog - which, of course, is unlikely to be published - went like this:

You're clearly quite confused aren't you Bolt? And your frantic efforts to disassociate yourself from the likes of the Nazi lunatic James Von Brunn will not succeed in making you any less a white supremacist and racist. The only difference between the two of you is that he's an anti-Semite whereas you're pro-Zionist; otherwise there is no difference - no matter how hard you try to spin you're way out of it.