Friday, June 5, 2009


Tim Blair, a Rightoid conspiracy theorist, attempts to childishly debunk reality but ends up showing himself up as a loser at his blog here when he attempts to delete reality.

For those that have arrived here from Tim Blair’s blog, this is what Blair deleted:

RebeccaH, Stormbringer did not see the two 747’s that crashed into WTC 1 and 2. And nor did you or any one else.

The aircraft that flew into these buildings were both twin-engined 767’s; not four-engined 747’s. Furthermore, the gigantic fire was nothing more than a free fuel burn-off from ruptured fuel tanks. The fire certainly was nowhere near fierce enough to bring down the entire building into its own footprint as the official conspiracy theory that you and your fellow dumb and gullible right-wing conspiracy theorists believe. Not only that, but we are also asked to believe that this happened three times on the same day. And the third time was to a building that wasn’t even hit by an aircraft.

There are none as blind as those that are too thick to think for themselves.