Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In his blog yesterday, 11 August 2009, Bolt wrote about the Reverend Peter Adam, who had been quoted as saying that, “All non-Aboriginal Australians should be prepared to leave the country if the indigenous people want that”, adding that, “If they stayed, they would have to provide whatever recompense indigenous peoples thought appropriate”. Bolt said that Adam was being “Not just racist, but divisive, naive and utterly impractical”.

Adam, of course, far from being ‘impractical’, was merely hypothesising to emphasise a point about how Europeans had abused Aboriginal peoples ever since arrival. Bolt in characteristic fashion has attempted to use Adam’s words in order to deflect his own racism by attempting to highlight what he believes, or what he’d like others to believe, is someone else’s racism.

Such transparent hypocrisy from Bolt is now commonplace but in this particular example it is far more pronounced.

In this case Bolt is accusing Adam or being racist because Adam has suggested that non-Aboriginal people leave the leave the country. However, only a few days earlier, shortly after the so-called ‘terrorists’ were arrested in Australia, Bolt wrote: “there are fundamentally two options before us. One is to ‘drain the pool’ - or slash Muslim immigration.”

‘Drain the pool’ and ‘slash Muslim immigration’ really is racist. It is also divisive, naïve and utterly impractical. Slashing Muslim immigration is akin to slashing Catholic immigration through fear of some IRA fighters coming to Australia or slashing Chinese immigration through fear of communists sneaking in.

Bolt thinks that asking non-Aboriginal people to leave is racist but ‘draining the pool’ of Muslims isn’t.

Make no mistake about who the racist really is here.


  1. Just discovered your blog from your recent 'New Matilda' comment. Love your work!

    We decided to set up http://www.stopmurdoch.blogspot.com/ after the fake Hansen photos episode. Although we sometimes stray, the idea behind our blog is to try to promote direct action and solutions to the many Murdoch ills inflicted upon the world.


  2. Best of luck with the Stop Murdoch blog. I'll drop by regularly.