Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just a quick observation.

The Israelis seem to be protesting too much over the Swedish claims that the Israeli Defence Forces have been deliberately killing for the purpose of organ harvesting. The Israelis have been jumping up and down shouting ‘Blood Libel, Blood Libel’. Problem is; no one else is talking about ‘Blood Libel’, only the Israelis.

But here’s the hypocrisy; last year the Israelis neocon supporters at Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Weekly Standard’ were writing exactly the same kind of stuff about the Chinese as the Swedes are about the Israelis.

I don’t recall the Chinese carrying on about ‘Blood Libel’.


  1. "I don’t recall the Chinese carrying on about ‘Blood Libel’"

    ....Errr ... because the Chinese weren't previously subjected to this bigoted lie of a Blood Libel that saw Jews persecuted over many centuries for supposedly using the blood of gentile children to make their unleavened bread during the Passover.

    How can you not know your history?

    Crikey, just Google it. It's older even than that other great racist forgery, the Protocols.

    Variations of the old Blood Libels are still popular even today with the Nazi Stormfront types:

    Hence the justified revulsion at the arising once again in the 21st Century of such a repulsively racist canard by bigots and hate-mongers, not to mention their puerile defenders.

  2. Avner, the only people that have mentionaed 'blood libel' is the Israelis.

    The news article didn't discuss so-called Jewish rituals; it merely accused some Israelis of illegal organ harvesting just as the neocons accused the Chinese.

  3. Damian, the Israeli and worldwide Jewish mention of 'Blood Libel' is because of the racist connotations this new charge carries back to the old days of the identical racist Blood Libel.

    That's why they mentioned it. Because it's happening .... again.

    Never happened to the Chinese, and certainly never used against them as a tool to further bigotry and racist hatred.

    That's the flavour of the argument: It's not related to the actual issue of organ harvesting, it's related to the use of this charge as a means to demonise a minority.

  4. Avner, the only 'racial connotations' are the ones dreamed up and mentioned by the Zionists.

    The simple fact of the matter is that this whole affair has nothing to do with the myth of 'blood libel'; it has everything to do with being caught out organ-harvesting. The Zionists have brought up the 'blood libel' garbage to distract from the crime.

    You're saying tere are two issues; one of organ harvesting and one of 'blood libel'. Garbage! This issue is about organ harvesting. Only the Zionists have brought up the 'blood libel' issue.

    Simple as that.

  5. You can delete that last post that was just here for the last couple of weeks, but you can't delete the truth, Damian.