Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Once again Murdoch propagandist, Piers Akerman, a blogger with the Sydney Daily Telegraph, has exposed himself for the racist that he is. In his rant yesterday Akerman once again laid into people who he calls ‘illegal immigrants’ but who are in fact asylum seeking refugees that have arrived in Australia by boat.

I pointed out to Akerman that these people are not ‘illegal immigrants’ and that as asylum seeking refugees they have every right under international law to come to Australia.

His response was this:

And Australia used to have an orderly migration program to deal with those wishing to come here - that’s has disappeared under Rudd.

This was my response in reply:

Ackerman, Australia has never had an orderly migration program for those wishing to come here. If it wasn’t turning Jews away after the war, it was the old White Australia Policy; once that had gone, it was having to deal with Asians fleeing countries that we had a hand in all but destroying; under Howard it was incarceration at any cost and using our Special Forces to prevent refugees from yet more countries we’ve had a hand in destroying from coming here.
Orderly migration program? What nonsense.

Akerman then displayed his either total ignorance on matters he claims to know something about, or, he deliberately attempted to mislead and deceive with this rubbish:

This is one of the most ridiculous posts ever submitted. Australia’s post WW2 migration system was the wonder of the world when Labor’s White Australia Policy was overturned by the Coalition government, it is now the global laughing stock.

The fact is; the White Australia Policy was effectively legally ended by the Whitlam Labor Government in 1973. Malcolm Fraser only buried completely long after it was already dead.

So, where does that leave Akerman; ignorant racist moron or deceitful lying racist?

You be the judge.