Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This blog, set up to expose Murdoch’s lies and propaganda empire, has lately been concentrating on just one of Murdoch’s propagandists; Andrew Bolt. Because it is now intended to document Bolt’s racism to the point where racial and religious vilification can be proved, a new blogspot has been set up specifically for the job.

Occasional comments on Bolts day to day column at the ‘Herald Sun’ site will be made at the new blog. Mostly, these will be some of the more pertinent comments that I have made to posts that he has refused to publish as well comments relating to the progress on building a case against Bolt. Naturally, not all the evidence will be presented at this new blog for obvious reasons but as we trawl through Bolt’s archives and make the appropriate discoveries they will be documented at the new blog which will be called, appropriately, Andrew Bolt: Ultra Racist. Readers are welcome to leave comments though, if you are a right-wing racist, don’t bother.

This blog, Murdoch's Propagandists, will revert back to general commentary on, well, Murdoch's other Propagandists.

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