Monday, March 8, 2010


Traditionally, the extreme right-wing is overtly intolerant of homosexuality. However, beneath the veneer of their homophobic views, there can be found as many gay and lesbian right-wingers as there are on the left. The difference usually is that most gay and lesbian folk on the left are quite open about their sexuality, whereas those on the right tend to be far more covert about it through fear of being ostracised from their right-wing network of friends and associates. This is particularly so in the case of high profile right-wingers who are gay or lesbian. ‘Coming out’ for a right-winger is far more difficult for the right-winger than it is for the left-winger.

Apparently, Tony Abbott, well known for his Roman Catholicism and his so-called ‘moral values’ recently made some remarks that were interpreted as being ‘homophobic’. Murdoch propagandist, Andrew Bolt of the ‘Herald Sun’ Murdoch newspaper in Melbourne, made the mistake of commenting on Abbott’s apparent homophobic remarks.

As an extremist right-winger Bolt should have steered well clear of the debate.

But he didn’t.

Bolt’s main problem is that he’s painted himself into a corner. Bolt cannot condone and support Abbott’s homophobic remarks because he will then be seen as the quintessential hypocrite on the matter of homosexuality.

Part of Bolt’s extreme racism is his paranoid fear of Islam; his Islamophobia. As part of the rhetoric and propaganda that Bolt uses as he sets out to demean and vilify Islam in his column is his frequent reference to Islam’s intolerance to homosexuals which Bolt says Islam, especially in Iran, demonstrates by regularly hanging gay men. (In fact Iran does not hang men just because they are gay; they hang men who have committed sexual crimes, usually rape, against minors and who happen to be gay.) While Bolt’s Bloggies, who are mainly racists and Islamophobes themselves, were quite happy to support Bolt in this context, it seems that they are not happy with Bolt’s stance on homosexuality generally and particularly when it contradicts the views of their new political hero Tony Abbott. As a consequence, many of Bolts Bloggies have expressed extreme disappointment in Bolt for condemning Abbott’s stance.

This from Len of Coolangatta sums up much of the mood of Bolt’s Bloggies:

You know what Andrew, I think that you have become far too self indulgent. You were once the good guy in the campaign against the global warming people. The huge gangs of Bloggers went with you, and now you toy with us. We have followed your family holidays and came back to you when you came we are your playthings.
You have undervalued our intense support.
I hope that your radio show bombs. You have sold your soul man and this latest “Gay Parade” stuff is a further indication that you will use whatever you can to further your career. You belong on FM Outback man.....really outback. I am very disappointed in you Andrew, you are a novice in the real world of commerce.

Bolt has since put a lot of column space between his piece about Abbott’s views and his latest comments avoiding at all cost the subject of homosexuality in a effort to regain a lot of lost ground from his Bloggies.

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