Sunday, July 24, 2011


In his column today, Murdoch journalist Andrew Bolt defends the creed of hate that motivated the killing of more than 90 people in Norway.

In his article, which he titles ‘Look not at his creed but at his wounds’, Bolt attempts to excuse the actions of Breivik by portraying him as being deeply frustrated by a sense of “powerlessness” which Bolt suggests is bought on by being engulfed by Islam, and “rejection” because of coming from a broken family.

While Bolt has used various superlatives to describe what Breivik had done including ‘murder’ and ‘atrocity’, etc., Bolt has consistently failed to wholeheartedly condemn the crime or the ‘creed’ that motivated it.

Fortunately, apart from a few of Bolt’s regular far-right Islamophobic supporters, most comments, even from some who often support Bolt, are critical of him for taking this stance.

After a careful read of Bolt’s post one can only conclude that Bolt is actually supportive of the reason why Breivik committed this crime. Certainly Andrew Bolt and his Islamophobic supporters in Australia are on exactly the same wavelength as Breivik. It was only a matter of time before Bolt's influence manifested itself in this type of violence.

We have Murdoch to thank for the part Bolt has played in bringing the kind of hate-filled thinking Breivik has displayed to Australia.

Murdoch should immediately sack this hate-monger before his Islamophobic nonsense gains a foothold in Australia and culminates in the same kind of tragedy that happened in Norway.


  1. "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for
    people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
    -- Noam Chomsky

  2. Freedom of expression is one thing, but freedom to incite hate that leads to people committing these kinds of crimes is something else.

    Bolt needs to be shut down.

  3. Murdoch HIMSELF is an Islamophobe!

  4. If 19 "Muslim Extremists" working for "Osama" out of a cave really pulled off 9/11 (which they didn't, it was Israeli Mossad) people could make the same defense. Look not at their actions but the fact that the USA has made the ME into a nightmare and blindingly supported Israel's Nazi occupation of the indigenous people of Palestine.

    But nobody said that. They said let's go to Iraq who wasn't even implicated. Plus again, not what happened. It was Israelis shoving their brand of terrorism down our throats to instill fear into us. To make their enemies our enemies so we wouldn't care about going to war. To demonize Muslims. Murdoch is an Islamaphob Israeli. He owns 80% of the media. He is very much the problem. He is also best buds with Larry Silverstein.

    Read about Silverstein's failed free trade zone in Israel. Murdoch's best friend and sometimes business partner, the Austrailian Westfield founder Frank Lowy went in on the WTC lease with Silverstein just weeks prior to the WTC collapse. It was Murdoch's news outlets feeding the "official story" of 9/11. No surprise they wire tapped 9/11 victim phones.