Sunday, April 15, 2012


Bolt Syndrome is a condition whereby sufferers delude themselves into believing that all the peoples of Australia should be just like them; same colour; same culture; same language; same political ideology – in other words they want a monoculturalist society where non-Western cultures, religions, heritage and identity are swept aside so that all Australians can be just like Bolt.

Other symptoms of Bolt Syndrome include an obsessive need to insult and vilify against whole groups of people that are different from Bolt. Sufferers also display signs of paranoia such as claiming that their right to insult and vilify are a denial of their right to ‘freedom of speech’. Sufferers also have an abnormal fear of the ‘other’ which usually presents as chronic Islamophobia and xenophobia.

The most recognisable symptom that sufferers present with and which invariably clinches the diagnosis of Bolt Syndrome is their denial that they are themselves in any way racist. Indeed, in many cases, sufferers of Bolt Syndrome not only deny they are racist but actually accuse those that expose their condition as being the ones that are racist.

Bolt Syndrome has been around since the year white Europeans first arrived in Australia. One would have thought, however, that we would have found a cure for it by now. A diverse multicultural Australia should unite to rid this nation of the destructive potential of the Bolt Syndrome.