Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week in his column at Melbourne’s Herald-Sun online blog, Andrew Bolt posted this disgusting article inferring that Muslims are able to practice necrophilia upon their dead wives provided they do so within six hours of death.

The story was based on some unsubstantiated story from Al Arabiya which Bolt knew was probably false and even said so in his piece quoting a Huffington Post piece that supported that idea.  

But that didn’t stop Bolt from taking the opportunity to jump on his anti-Islam bandwagon and posting the disgusting smear piece anyway.

I posted a comment in response that went thus:

Another sick piece of opportunistic journalism from Bolt designed specifically to smear Islam as part of his Islamophobic propaganda.

Needless to say, Bolt didn’t allow it to be published.

Today, Bolt, realising he was way out of line with his original post (or, more likely, told by his editors and legal people to at least tone it down) wrote a follow-up piece titled, ‘The making of the dead wife smear’ that almost – but not quite – comes across as a correction.

Again, I posted a comment in response. It went thus:

A smear indeed it was, Bolt - and one that you were prepared to perpetuate. Back-peddling furiously now will not relieve you of the responsibility of the part you played in this outrageous smear.

Again, of course, Bolt refused to publish it despite me sending it off several times.

The quicker this disgusting racist and Islamophobe is shut down the better for Australia – and it would even be better for Murdoch as well!