Saturday, November 14, 2009


The Australian ultra-racist Andrew Bolt in taking his usual swing at President Obama has managed to show his true colours when it comes to the Japanese by criticising Obama for bowing too low when meeting the Japanese Emperor yesterday. Bolt then reminds his coterie of mindless followers that it was the Japanese Emperor’s ancestors that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans but neglects to mention that Japan is now one of America’s greatest Pacific allies.

Bolt also points out that Obama has also grovelled (but not bowed) to the Saudi king when they met. Bolt hastens then to add that the Saudi king is the leader of an autocratic regime. Again, Bolt neglects to mention that Saudi Arabia has been, and, indeed, still is, one of America’s greatest allies in the Middle East next to Israel of course.

Bolt then displays his hypocrisy by criticising Obama for not having bowed to Queen Elizabeth the Second of England despite England being, as Bolt puts it, America’s ‘greatest ally’. Bolt neglects to mention that just over a couple of centuries ago Queen Elizabeth’s ancestors were slaughtering Americans as they attempted to put down the American Revolution. That may be water under the bridge but apparently the events of the Second World War aren’t.

Bolt’s racism knows no bounds. As the above shows, Bolt holds nothing but contempt of anything non-white. He is anti-black as demonstrated by his utter contempt for Obama, and make no mistake here; Bolt hates Obama because he is black, not because he is a Democrat, he hates Asians as manifested by his comments regarding the Japanese and recent comments he has made regarding Tamil boatpeople, and he hates all things Islamic as evident in his assertions regarding the Saudi’s coupled with remarks he has made in the past about Islam.

Yesterday, Bolt attempted to paint himself as the caring racist. Bolt wonders when commenting about benefits boat people might or might not get when they arrive in Australia, if “we’d stand by and let even asylum seekers here - including the able bodied - go without a cent to feed themselves or their children? To be forced, if they can’t find work, to live instead by begging or stealing?”

One can rest assured that Bolt was not thinking of non-white Asian boatpeople when making this remark; he was considering the far more acceptable (to him) hordes of white European illegal immigrants that arrive here weekly by airline on visitor visas obtained under false pretences by lying about their true intentions for coming here.

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