Monday, November 16, 2009


The Australian pro-Pollutionist and ultra-racist Andrew Bolt has sunk to new and desperate lows in his efforts to malign green-leaning Australians. In his blog yesterday at Melbourne’s online ‘Herald-Sun’, Bolt actually attempted to equate green-leaning Australians with the Nazis of Germany.

This is but part of Bolt’s delusional effort to recast the ‘right-wing’ label – which Bolt is happy to use for himself – as some sort of force for good which he somehow believes he now represents. However, ever since the last century, the ‘right-wing’ label has always been associated with Nazism and Fascism. This has not deterred Bolt from continuing to cast himself as right-wing (if for no other reason than he would never be able to call himself ‘left-wing’) but, at the same time, because he is now pro-Zionist, he does not want to be cast in the same mould as the Nazis and, because Bolt is also an Islamophobe and is apt to calling Muslim governments and Jihadist fighters ‘Islamofascists’, he does not want to be cast in the same mould as Fascists either.

Bolt thinks he’s found a way out of his conundrum; he’s now pushing the line that Nazis and Fascists weren’t right-wing at all but, in fact, were ‘left-wing’. He seems to think that because the Nazis called themselves ‘National Socialists’ that this is proof enough of their ‘left-wing’ credentials. Bolt has now taken this a stage further and is now equating green-leaning Australians (left-wing) with Nazis (who he sees also as ‘left-wing’) based simply on the Nazis own green-leaning tendencies.

Bolt needs to seek urgent help if he actually believes this nonsense because, if he does, he really is slipping over the edge into delusional obsession. But the worst of it is this; there are actually a few, thankfully only a very few judging by the number of responses at his blog, that are dumb and gullible enough to believe this garbage.

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