Sunday, November 29, 2009


At his blog today the racist and pro-Pollution propagandist Andrew Bolt once again confirmed his racist credentials by denying indigenous identity to a person on the basis that they didn’t appear to be indigenous.

Andrew Bolt, who for years has supported the notion that Australian aboriginality should be “washed out by generations of mixed ancestry”, would prefer that Australians that identify themselves as indigenous but visually do not appear to be, should not be referred to as ‘indigenous’ even if that is the choice of the person in question. For Bolt it’s all a matter of appearances. He writes: “Could we stop obsessing about racial differences almost invisible to the naked eye”, adding, “It makes us look a little bit, well, racist.”

Considering this not the first time Bolt has denied an indigenous person their identity based on their appearance, one can safely say that the only person “obsessing” here is Andrew Bolt; and that’s because he is, well, a racist – and more than just a ‘little bit’.


In another post today, Bolt has confirmed his support for fascist and racist ideologies as he tells us that "Europe is pushing back" against Islam by banning minarets on Swiss Mosques. The law had been pushed through via referendum prompted by the fascist and racist extreme right-wing Swiss Peoples Party.Bolt supports these discriminatory and racist ideas. Spires and towers of Christian churches, of course, are not a problem.

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