Friday, February 19, 2010


...and I don't mean Al Gore!

Tim Blair writes:

A friend, the owner of a blue heeler, emails:

“There’s a hole in our floor due to the renovations. Last night, a small, speckled dove came up through the hole, to have a little look around. Lasted exactly 15 seconds: there was a blue streak, an explosion of feathers, and my daughter burst into tears. Was excellent.”

It isn’t often you get nature lessons of that quality without leaving the house.

The idea of a blue heeler tearing a pigeon apart and having one very upset child witness it is one thing. To then say the bloody killing and having a traumatised daughter 'was excellent' is something else.

For Blair to then relate the story to the public as some kind of positive thing is something else yet again. It tells us a lot about both Blair and his friend.

The response from Blair’s bloggies is predictable.

Sick people.

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