Friday, October 9, 2009


Tim Blair, Murdoch propagandist and blogger with Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, strutted his Islamophobic credentials yesterday by presenting at his blog a video made by MEMRI, the notorious neocon propaganda organisation that specialises in blatant lies and anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The video purports to show a Hamas-produced kidz show depicting how Palestinian kidz are taught to hate and offer themselves for martyrdom. The inference is that this video has been made by Hamas but had been subtitled by MEMRI. The propaganda, however, was so transparent that when I pointed out the transparency, (the storyboard that was part of the show was written in English) Blair and his coterie of bloggies quickly tried to cover Blair’s embarrassment by highlighting the now apparent stupidity of it and then claiming that it was all just ‘extremely smart satire’.

It most certainly was not ‘extremely smart satire’; it was extremely transparent propaganda and there was nothing at all smart about it or the comments from the racist Islamophobic followers of Blair’s blog that followed my comments there.


Methinks Blair protesteth far too much!

Now he’s dedicated a whole segment in his column in trying to wriggle out of his deceit and, at the same time, attempt to belittle me. Blair is now attempting to claim that the video is a work from 'creative types' designed for our entertainment. Blair and his followers have a very sad and sick sense of humour if they find this sort of stuff 'creative' entertainment.

The more you wriggle Blair, the more transparent is your deceit.

Blair, the most deceitful person on the internet and, to use his own words, it is a crowded field.


Blair seems to be getting really desperate to avoid embarrassment; he's added an update to his piece about the faked MEMRI tape and has succeeded in embarrassing himself even further.

It seems that everytime he puts finger to keyboard on this subject as he tries harder and harder to wriggle out of it, he ends up shoving more and more of his foot into his mouth.

Face it Blair; no matter what way you spin it, you've exposed yourself as the deceitful little Islamophobe that you are. The tape is a sick piece of entertainment - and you're just the sick little person to show it. Murdoch should be really proud of you.


One always knows when one has hit a raw right-wing nerve; the degree of rawness is directly proportional to the amount of words they expend in trying to cover up the raw nerve and wriggle out of their predicament.

In Tim Blair’s case, he’s found it necessary to issue ‘three’ updates to his original piece that tried to cover up his faux pas of presenting a sick but fake MEMRI tape as a Hamas kidz program. (Actually, it’s only two updates, but Blair, so absorbed in trying to prevent his foot from going deeper into his mouth, has lost count.)

Perhaps I’ll expend a few words just to demonstrate how Blair and the other bloggers on the extreme right work in these sorts of cases.

A few right-wing bloggies that flit between the myriad of right-wing blogs have assembled at Blair’s blog to provide him with much needed support. Most have made multiple posts there already, as can be seen, in some sort of effort to make it look as though there are more of them than there actually are. Many are well known throughout the rightwing blogosphere and tend to pop up everywhere as part of the Israel Lobby propaganda machine supporting platoon of bloggies.

One particularly nasty extreme right-wing Zionist thug in their ranks, who calls himself ‘geoff’ on Blair’s blog, is Geoff Pahoff. Pahoff was responsible for this exceptionally disgusting piece of hate speech about the old, blind and wheel-chair bound Palestinian Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who was murdered in the Gaza Strip by the Israelis:

I celebrated wildly when that filthy bag of puss [sic], ‘the old blind wheel-chair bound spiritual leader’ finally kissed what was left of his miserable fanny and did the world the enormous favour, albeit somewhat forced, of departing from it for all eternity. Thereby correcting a major anomaly in the order of things by being born in the first place. Or not drowned slowly at the first opportunity. The slimy ignorant lying slice of toxic shit.

Obsessive hatred like this is not confined to Pahoff. A fellow traveller of his, Noelene Konstandinitis, another equally obnoxious extreme right-wing Zionist that used to do the rounds of the right-wing blogs, including Blair’s, once came out with this gem of super hatred:

Of course it is EXCELLENT news that Israel is FINALLY sticking up for itself! What neither the Pals, nor the western bourgeois left, seems [sic] to be able to get their think [sic] heads around is that Israel could have destroyed Egypt, Syria, AND Jordan AND kicked the Pals out in 1948, 56, 67, 73, etc. The only thing stopping them every single time was the US! All this would have been over DECADES over [sic], if the U.S. had just let nature take its course.The wretched camel-jockeys have NO right to be in the Holy Land and the sooner they catch the next magic carpet or camel sleigh to Jordan, Syria, or Egypt the better! The Israelis MUST seize this opportunity to totally turn around the whole tedious farce of the middle east. It is time to bitchslap the fetid Mohammedans into next week. Vaporize the pigs! A world without Muslims would be a lovely world indeed!

These are the sort of sick people that Blair needs around him to support his efforts of creating the illusion that they are many – they are not many at all. There are only a very few them but all, as can be seen when one visits Blair’s hate site, are very vocal. But hey; Blair needs all the support he can get - even from the deranged and delusional (David Elder wants to get Zeeva David from NCIS to 'put me out of my misery!!??) that gather like vultures at his blog.


It seems Blair has seen the need to resort to sarcasm in order to wriggle out of his predicament. His dedicated followers have succeeded only in highlighting Blair’s Islamophobic obsessions by virtue of being even more Islamophobic than he is.

In typical right-wing propaganda style, Blair and his band of predictable attack dogs have attempted to distract from the original argument by making ridiculously pedantic observations, ad hominen attacks and insults but the fact remains that Blair used the video to deceive readers and ridicule Palestinians. It was a blatant piece of anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The situation between Palestinians and Israel are bad enough as it is and, indeed, propaganda is used by both sides to indoctrinate kidz and to teach them about violence and death, but the use of this particular video, a video produced specifically to demean, ridicule and inflame already heightened tensions by instilling even more hatreds, is simply a disgusting act of racism.

Blair's racism should not go unchallenged.


  1. Damian, why on earth you engage with a coterie of rabid right wing nut jobs is beyond me.

    The blogs you have mentioned are of little consequence in the scheme of things, and should be given the utter contempt they deserve.By engaging with these morons is all you do is give them a credibility they don't deserve.

    Most of the right wing morons who comment about the M.E. and its problems, couldn't find their own arse holes with both hands, much less find the M.E. on a map.

  2. Australia is one of the most racist nations in the Western hemisphere and, in part, that racism is perpetuated by the likes of the right-wing mainstream media blogs owned by Murdoch.

    Apart from the morons that blog there, there are others that go there simply to read what the morons have to say. In the main, the morons get the run of it giving the extreme right-wing an air of superiority within the mainstream media leaving the impression that they dominate the press, and that their attitude is representative of all Australians. My going there every now and then and exposing their deceit and lies demonstrates that not everyone goes along with their garbage. It would be good if others did the same instead of just trying to ignore them and hope they'll go away - they won't.

    It's not so much as 'engaging' with them; it's more a matter of exposing them for the liars, racists and hypocrites that they are.

  3. Although I agree with you in part, from what I can see most of the comments in reply to any well thought out analysis of an issue from most of the right wing blogs is just childish insults.I do concede however, that Blair can have some influence on the political discourse. But, the likes of Hall and Beck are just blogs for mischief making.

    I just can't imagine any intelligent being taking serious the schlock that is dished up at the blogs of Hall/Beck et al as supposed valid commentary.I have yet to see anyone of any importance make comment at the latter mentioned blogs.

    I think you are overstating the influence of these right wing blogs, I say let them publish their croc of shit, and the more it will expose them for the frauds they are.

  4. Hall, Beck, et al, are integral to the right-wing blogosphere. While their blogrolls seem extensive, those that comment at them invariably are the same people that blog elsewhere in the right-wing blogosphere. Their intention is to create the illusion that they are many and represent a large cross section of Australians when, in fact, there are only a few of them that multiple post at various blogs using different names and avatars.

    My purpose is to expose them for what they really are; a very tiny band of dedicated extremists who in reality represent just a very tiny cross section of Australian society yet have been able to dominate the mainsteam right-wing media blog via their cross linking and multi posting. My occasional foray into their world is designed merely to flush them out. They respond readily to most posts I make thus exposing their syntax and MO.

    Over the last year and a half I have compiled a database documenting all the bloggers and bloggies. As I say, there really is very few of them but they have made a significant impact within the mainstream right-wing media. The data will be published at some time in the future.

  5. "Australia is one of the most racist nations in the Western hemisphere ..."

    Apparently Australia is so racist it had to go into hiding in a completely different hemisphere.

    Jesus, what a dunce.

  6. Bladder 1010. Good to see you are a case in point.

  7. I would agree more with you Damian if the content of the blogs of Hall/Beck was of any considerable value.Most of the dribble served up by these blogs is at best, at about the standard of a grade five argument over who has most of the crayons.Most of the contributors apart from a couple that stand out as fairly balanced in their views, are borderline nut cases, or as I suspect by some,they are taking the piss.

    I look forward to your observations at a later date.

  8. There's no content at all in their blogs Speed - and that's exactly my point. But while there is no content, there is a connectivity which links them, literally and metaphorically.

    All I am doing is demonstrating that they are really only a very few in number but very vocal and the same characters at the smaller blogs use the mainstream media blogs as well.

    As for taking the piss... well most ordinary people can plainly see that. The bloggies themselves, however, think they are being smart but in fact are only demonstrating exactly how empty minded and crass the really are while at the same time demonstrating their sick racist and extreme right-wing politics.

  9. Well we can agree on the fact that the mentioned blogs are extreme right wing.To tell you the truth, I really thought this type of mindset was behind us, but alas it is alive and well.

    I find it amazing that people still think like the Halls and Becks of this world in 2009. I guess we must be vigilant at all times to ensure this does not become all too prevalent.

    Anyhoo Damian keep it up I like your work, good reading.