Tuesday, October 13, 2009


After having spent the last few days exposing Tim Blair of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and his tiny but vocal coterie of bloggies as a deceitful and lying bunch of racists over a faked and demeaning video, Blair and the same bunch of right-wing goons that support him are now extracting as much mileage as possible out of Prime Minister Rudd’s remarks that refer to the latest boatload of asylum seekers that have been turned back to Indonesia as being ‘illegal immigrants’.

Blair has pounced on the remark claiming that, because the Prime Minister has said they are ‘illegal immigrants’ then they, indeed, must be. The racist comments that then follow are staggering in there blatancy. There’s this from one of Blair’s more lunatic fringe bloggies who calls himself “Habib of Wilston’ who writes:

BTW, I wonder if any of the vocal advocates are going to volunteer to house the new crop of potential pyros? I trust they’re not going to relocate them to around Kinglake.

This is a rather sick reference to another of Murdoch’s racists, Piers Akerman, also of the Sydney Daily Telegraph, who, during the Victorian bushfires earlier this year, outrageously accused Muslim ‘terrorists’ of deliberately lighting them.

Then there is this nauseating comment from one who calls himself ‘boy on a bike’:

Regarding the Refugee Action Collective, I have a simple suggestion that I am sure most Blairites will support.
It’s called “one-in, one-out”.
That is, for every refugee we let in, we kick out one member of this ratbag collection of soap-dodging dole bludgers.
Even if only one refugee per boatload ends up in a productive, private sector job, that will still be an improvement on allowing the mung bean eating crowd to remain. And I’m sure the refugees won’t smell as bad (even after being crammed into the hold of a fishing boat for a week in the middle of summer).

And Maggie of Childers comes out with this ignorant and blatantly racist nonsense:

It pings me off to know that our Defence Force Men and Women have been and are putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan while we are affording shelter to men who have abandoned their country and our ADF.
Send them back post haste. Do not allow them into Australia, if they are not willing to defend their own Country and have no respect for our borders or laws I doubt they will be willing to defend our Country.
What are you thinking Mr. Rudd or is that question too hard?
Do you think for one nano second they will be loyal citizens?

Perhaps if Australia respected Iraqi and Afghan borders and not invaded and killed their peoples, there wouldn’t be the problem in the first place.

Very sick people.


Blair, obviously fearing further embarrassment, has refused to publish the comment I left at his blog. for those intersted, this was it:

Hate to be pedantic, but first, one can't be an immigrant, legal or otherwise, unless one is actually here. Second, just because Rudd has been quoted as saying these people are 'illegal immigrants', doesn't make it so; Rudd might be the Prime Minister but he is not a judge and has no jurisdiction to make any decision about their legal status. These people are simply refugees who wish to come to Australia and they don't pretend to be anything else. They are not illegal immigrants’ because, apart from anything else, they’re not actually here.

People that arrive here by airline on tourist or business visas with the intention of staying here beyond their visa requirements are illegal immigrants. People that come here by rickety boat, or by whatever other means, but with no paperwork at all and seeking refuge are simply asylum seekers. If they then check out as genuine asylum seekers – which the vast majority do – then they get a protection visa and from there can apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

What’s the problem with that?