Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tim Blair, Australia’s own ultra racist and hate blog host at Murdoch’s ‘Sydney Daily Telegraph’, has joined the clamour to defend his American opposite number, the ultra right-wing commentator and uber racist Rush Limbaugh.

After reading Blair’s post yesterday about boat people coming to Australia being illegal immigrants and the comments from his band of right-wing bloggie racists, one shouldn’t be surprised.


  1. So Murdoch via one of his proxies is defending Rush, what else is new?Rush Limbaugh uses the same M.O. as Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and Bill O'Reilly.He knows very well like the other shysters, that the best way to make a motza is to preach to the morons who will give them the best ratings.Yes! The rabid right wing, who in the main are about as dumb as dish water.

    But if you want a real insight into the rabid right wing thought process, go over and have a look at the latest offering from the all seeing,all knowing,never wrong, Iain Hall.

    Yep his latest little foray into fixing the Aboriginal housing problem, is to have them living in sea containers.Yep, sea containers.

    Not bad when one considers this piece of unctuous flatulence lives off the tax payer and his wife.Heaven forbid.

    But the best part is the loons that are responding to his ramblings.They are actually,and I kid you not! discussing the price of said housing in containers,by the square foot.

    Imagine if you will, whole suburbs looking like the Melbourne docks.One of his followers is keeping containers in mind for his next housing project.

    I wouldn't be dead for quids.