Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Murdoch propagandist with Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Piers Akerman, seems to think that the war in Afghanistan “is about the Taleban, terrorism and the Afghan people”.

He needed reminding what it was really all about so I wrote this in response:

Akerman, your inane rhetoric about the West, including Australia, being in Afghanistan to free the Afghan people from ‘medievalists’ is baseless propagandising nonsense.

The war in Afghanistan was never about the Taliban or the Afghan people; it was and has only ever been about gas pipelines and regional hegemony. Al Qaeda and their involvement in 9/11 were merely used as a casus belli to start a war against the Taliban and al Qaeda that had been planned long before 9/11.

To believe that Bush, Blair and Howard actually cared about the Afghan people is utterly delusional. The only ‘terrorists’ in Afghanistan as far as the Afghan people are concerned are the Western allies that have been attacking and killing Afghani and Pakistani civilians in their thousands.

It’s time for Australians to ignore your warmongering rhetoric and propaganda and wake up to the geo-political realities of what’s really going on in their name.

His reply was totally predictable:

“Reply: This post should have carried a Spooky Conspiracy Nutter Alert.”

My response to that went thus:

“There’s no conspiracy here Akerman; only geo-political realities. Check it for yourself.”

Needless to say, having been confronted with reality, Akerman has refused to publish my post.

Readers can check it out for themselves.