Monday, March 30, 2009


Andrew Bolt, resident propagandist at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’, once again displays his appalling hypocrisy and racial bias. He decries a petition that supports the boycotting and sanctioning of Israel on the grounds that all Israelis will suffer as a result ‘regardless of their personal views or merits’ as he puts it, yet he is quite happy to support exactly the same kind of boycotting and sanctioning against the Iranian people – presumably ‘regardless of their views or merits’ as well.

The call to boycott Israel will highlight the practices of the most racist nation on the planet. Just as boycotts and sanctions worked against the apartheid state of South Africa, so it will work against the apartheid state of Israel.

The quicker the Zionist notion of a racist Jews-only Israeli state is destroyed the better for all Jews and Arabs that live in what is now Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank who can then get on with their lives in peace and harmony in a secular bi-national state where all are equal.

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