Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Andrew Bolt, never one able to resist a dig at the North Koreans while, at the same time, belittling anyone that comes anywhere near saying something nice about them, has demonstrated again how the complex network of neocons and Murdoch propagandists gets to spin and weave their rhetoric in order to peddle their hate and loathing of anything anti-West.

British neocon Oliver Kamm, founder member of the neocon Henry Jackson Society in the UK, wrote that Britain’s ambassador to North Korea, Peter Hughes, was unfit for the position on account of him apparently writing nice things about everyday life in North Korea. Kamm, forever the opportunistic neocon and quick to seize on this opportunity to have a bash at both North Korea and a Labour government ambassador but clearly a bit slow about understanding the diplomatic role of any ambassador, displays his hypocrisy by claiming North Korea does despicable things to its people. Ignored, of course, is any notion that any nation that does despicable things to its people is worthy of criticism. His air is one that suggests that the West would never do anything despicable to anyone.

Bolt goes along with this rubbish.