Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is a classic example of the propagandist’s art in yesterdays Sydney ‘Daily Telegraph’ of how the well-trained propagandist plies his craft.

Tim Blair, a well known Australian Islamophobe and a resident propagandist with Murdoch’s Sydney, Australia, rag, wasted no time at all in picking up on a story about the maverick Lakemba Imam, Taj-Din al-Hilali, who again was in the news because of some totally un-newsworthy incident; an incident that would not have made the news had it not been for the fact that he is an outspoken Muslim.

For Blair the incident was heaven sent. It provided him with yet another golden opportunity to demonise Muslims. By criticising and ridiculing the sometimes outrageous Imam, Blair paints the picture of the Imams actions being representative of what all Muslims get up to. Of course, he doesn’t say this directly but then he doesn’t need to; mostly, he’s already preaching to the converted and he’s now simply reinforcing the notion.

Read in isolation Blairs words would mean little but when one reads his constant almost daily barrage of anti-Islamic nonsense one soon begins to understand how this hate merchant works.

It is part of the propagandists craft to go about noting your enemy’s weaknesses and then casually dropping in their religion or beliefs as an aside in order to associate one with the other with the intent of casting all those with the same religion or beliefs as having the same weaknesses.

I won’t mention that a certain ex President of a certain Middle Eastern country has been indicted for a certain obnoxious crime and you can bet your boots that Tim Blair won’t either.

Bugger!! Too late!! I went and mentioned it.

See how it works?