Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In Australia, the country where it all began for Rupert Murdoch, the propaganda machine he owns and runs reaches into every corner of Australian life. In the print media Murdoch has reach into every part of Australia via ‘The Australian’ newspaper, published nationally, and then, via his many state-based newspapers, he is able to target specific audiences for specific purposes to suit for the state.

Attached to all of these newspapers is an army of right-wing writers with the most extreme of them running blogs in Australia’s two biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, in which readers are invited to comment. By the use of extensive censorship these blogs attract a large audience of fellow travellers ranging from the reasonably articulate moderately right-wing who occasionally will dispute the editor’s view, through to the most outrageously racist and Islamophobic warmongers and all-round right-wing extremists there are in Australia who seem to be attracted to these blogs like moths to a light.

There are three extreme right-wing bloggers working for the Murdoch empire in Australia that deserve particular mention since they seem to be the most prolific writers attracting the most extremist of views and who, most importantly, censor their blogs in order to make it seem as though the views expressed there are representative of the average Australian – which, of course, is the always the ultimate aim of the professional propagandist.

In Melbourne, writing for the ‘Herald-Sun’, is the right-wing extremist Andrew Bolt who holds neoconservative views about Zionism and Islam. He is also an ultra-nationalist and is a denier of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Australia. He even denies that Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their parents as a matter of policy saying that “…the stolen generations was a dangerous myth that would only feed the anger and race hate we saw in the Redfern riots”, despite the abundant evidence that shows the stolen generations to be one of the sadder realities of Australian history.

Over in Sydney there are two extreme right-wing propagandists, both of whom write for Murdoch’s Sydney newspaper, ‘The Daily Telegraph’. They are Piers Akerman and Tim Blair.

Piers Akerman has had a chequered career as a journalist with accusations of sexual assault against fellow workers being levelled at him when he ran Melbourne’s ‘Sunday Herald Sun’ newspaper, as well as threatening assault against a member of his staff when he earlier ran Murdoch’s Adelaide, South Australia, newspaper, ‘The Advertiser’, in the late 1980s. More recently Akerman blatantly and cynically used the tragedy of the Victorian bushfires to push his Islamophobic views via his blog at the Sydney ‘Daily Telegraph’.

The other Sydney ‘Daily Telegraph’ Murdoch propagandist is Tim Blair. Blair is renowned for his use of lies and liars when blogging.

As well as highlighting these and other Murdoch propagandists past inglorious lies this blog will keep tabs on their activities as time goes forward.

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