Friday, March 13, 2009


Andrew Bolt, writing on his blog at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper has the temerity to ask:
“What is it with the Left and violence?”

What the rest of the world asks is: ‘What is it about the right-wing of the West and violence? Why not condemn right-wing violence as well?'

The kind of violence that Bolt is referring to is the kind one might find at a left-wing rally or protest which gets out of hand and which generally is provoked by either the police who like to take a confrontational stance against the left, or agents provocateurs imbedded with otherwise peaceful demonstrators.

Of course, violence should not be condoned from any quarter, left or right, but Bolt has abused his position as a journalist to create bias against a left-wing group whose violence is but a school yard bundle compared to the sick violence right-wing governments and their armies inflict when they invade lands that don’t belong to them and kill their inhabitants, many of whom are innocent civilians including women and children. Why does not Bolt condemn this violence?

He won’t condemn it because he actually condones it. He thinks that Australian troops are ‘heroes’ because they are being used by our government to kill people, people that he has never met and who live thousands of kilometres away, using some of the most sophisticated and deadliest weapons known devised by man and all on the say so of some other foreign government that pretends to be Australia’s ally.

Just another piece of Chutzpah and hypocrisy from Andrew Bolt, but it’s all just part of another day’s work for him.

What is it with the Right and violence?

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