Saturday, March 14, 2009


An Australian Murdoch propagandist, Piers Akerman, writing on his blog at Sydney’s ‘Daily Telegraph’, has again exposed his racist tendencies toward Australia’s Aboriginal people by denying that Aboriginal children were taken from their parents as part of Australian Federal and States policies saying that the stories of the ‘Stolen Generations’ are a myth.

Denial of the ‘Stolen Generations’ stories is something of a feature among Murdoch’s propagandists in Australia. Andrew Bolt, another of Murdoch’s propagandists over at Melbourne’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper is another ‘Stolen Generations’ denier.

Akerman’ assertion that the ‘Stolen Generations’ are a myth are based on the admission of an Aboriginal leader that she wasn’t actually stolen despite having previously said she was. Akerman works on the crazy logic that if the Aboriginal leader wasn’t stolen than nor were any other Aborigines. In true racist form, he casts all Aboriginal people in the same mould. Like Bolt, Akerman ignores entirely the massive volumes of evidence which show very clearly the tales of woe that most Australians would prefer to ignore hoping, like Akerman and Bolt, that it’ll all just go away and that white Australian’s can continue to abuse them and their lands and their rights.

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